Why I Started Walking BACKWARDS: 3 HUGE Benefits! @TheKneesovertoesguy #kneepainrelief

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Walking backwards has so many benefits that are not the same as walking forwards. Many people have seen massive improvements in knee pain amoungst many other benefits. In this video I explain 3 huge benefits to walking backwards and why you should be doing it as an exercise for maximum function!

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1. Study showing differences in muscle activation: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8467337/
2. Study found backwards running increased quad strength and reduced knee pain compared with forward running: https://bmcmusculoskeletdisord.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12891-019-2537-9
3. Study showed backward walking reduced falls: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29095771/

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0:00 Backwards Walking!
1:04 How I got into walking backwards
1:30 The princles behind walking backwards
2:47 The better you can walk backwards, the more protected you are going forwards
3:05 Our bodies like balance
3:15 1. Balance Our Muscles
4:30 2. Reduces Knee Pain
5:31 3. Reduces Falls
6.09 I started 2 weeks ago
6:15 How to increase the challenge
6:58 Another video coming on this

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@drstevenhulme says:

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@micklessard9964 says:

Excellent information. I’m autistic. The elevator music is hard on mind. I am heading quickly towards being on this planet for three quarters of a century. I have been pulling a sled filled with firewood backs for many winter seasons. Add barefoot walking to your daily routine will greatly enhance your overall fitness level. I’m know as Barefoot Mick Canadian version.

@cat-a-tonic150 says:

I'm 70 and weight train. I had an LCL sprain last year in my left leg. The previous week (I think) I was on my last lap of sled pulls when I experienced a sharp pain on the outside of the upper leg (hamstring?). Next week, the LCL suddenly gave out. I followed a course of Physical Therapy. After a month's rest, I returned to the gym. Sled pulls and leg curls came off my program (I work with a trainer). Leg curls are back, and I manage to do Deadlifts and Squats without a problem. I have noticed that, any time I have muscle spasms, it tends to be when I'm unloading the muscle. Maybe my brain/muscle connections don't allow smooth relaxing of the muscle (maybe an age thing?). Two weeks ago, I tried walking backward on the gym's treadmill (without power) but it didn't move so I switched it on slow. As soon as I stepped off of it, the left knee felt very sloppy. The same thing happened last week when I tried to pull an unloaded sled. It was uncomfortable and the knee seemed really sloppy when I stepped out of the harness. I'm not giving up. I've regressed to just walking backwards 10 minutes in my hallway at home. Hopefully I can progress.

@carolynedunsford6582 says:

what about cycling. backwards

@HeavenlyLights says:

Quad STRENGTH significantly INCREASES w backward walking. 😮❤

@davidwayne9982 says:

If you have need of PROOF that what you're saying here is TRUE– I"M IT. I got mashed between 2 trucks in 99 and I'm STILL trying to get over it.. (25 years later).. I'm having constant pains– and can't sleep because of it- I got so couldn't work out at all- and sitting around caused MORE issues of course. I've done some of your stuff- and was doing the knees over toes before I ever heard of you (part of my martial arts I use to do).. and these SMALL efforts – compared to a regular workout– Will yield GREAT benefits quickly!!!

@colleenwalter772 says:

I walk a rectangle. Forward 4 steps, 2 steps to the right, backwards 4 steps, left 2 steps.
I'm trapped if a fuel kiosk, do it while watching customers

@loisrossi841 says:

Great information, I will definitely try it. Thank you.

@rostislavsyrsky6676 says:

How about walking backwards up the stairs? Any experience, advice anybody, pls? TIA

@soggysocks25 says:

Need a visual support …

@limlanny8607 says:

Ok i Will wait for you next Video Tq🙏

@Iamtheclip says:

Far better but much harder is upside down and backwards!

@liewsatmin8499 says:

I've been doing it for many years. Also known to stimulate our brain function because the brain is trained to move our body in a completely different way.

@jaymontecalvo6315 says:

I'm starting to running on my treadmill backwards. It makes my knee pain go away. Slowly running.

@kennethgray545 says:

I like to fill a shopping cart up at the grocery store with gallons of water and pull it backwards through the aisles.

@itsmykevee2489 says:

I walk backwards on the treadmill at the gym. I also put it on a high incline the burn is insane.

@paulietv2162 says:

Backwards walking on the treadmill set at a high incline and with a 10kg plate in each hand (the ones with the hand grip holes). 5 minutes of this between other leg exercises. Also, when you can't get to the gym drag a wheelbarrow backwards loaded up with an appropriate weight back and forwards along a pathway at home

@funnystories77 says:

Better than pulling something, is to wear a backpack with one or two dumb bells, which is rucking. I have been walking backwards this way while also walking the dog; great exercise!

@ironfistjdk8727 says:


@andrewcampbell7476 says:

This reminds me of Harry Secombe song I’m walking backwards for christmas

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