How to Fix Knee Pain (Almost) Instantly

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Sometimes runner’s knee pain symptoms can come on fast and sharp! And if you follow the steps in this video, you can release that pain just as quickly! Tune in to find out how to utilize this safe, effective self-care technique. 

Read more about Trigger Points and how to release them yourself in Kristine Koth’s Tight Hip Twisted Core:

Remember, Coach Nate is not a doctor and doesn’t pretend to play one on the internet. If you’re concerned about your knee pain, please consult a healthcare professional! 

That said these techniques are100% safe and best used in conjunction with a well-rounded self-care routine, a commitment to strength, and a solid run technique.

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@TheRunExperience says:

Need more help with your Knee? Download The Run Experience Training App:

@camowens2 says:

Brilliant. Thanks!

@russelsprout2155 says:

A doctor is the last person you should ask about knee pain

@Just_A1icia says:

😮 It worked!!! Thank you! 🙏😭😭😭😭

@dchang7211 says:

Thank you for this video! I’m an older man and just started running and got aching knees with occasional knee pop and cracking sound (no pain) last few days. Just tried the 50lb kettlebell on my quads and worked out the big knots. It really is (almost) instant knee pain relief.

@robertrasband8235 says:

Where do I find the Daily Run app that is mentioned???

@asoro_1632 says:

I have a terrible knee pain after i run longer runs like 12km+ my legs are stiff, usualy this pain is no more after 2 days or less. I will try this and give you my feedback, i hope it will work.

@Quenaelin says:

I have knee pain problem when started my daily bicycle commuting after being two months sick in covid, foam rolling and massage gives only temporary help, but not releasing knee pain completely, my muscles are just too tight from training after long break, I have to put more pressure to release them, good advice.

@koDiacc says:

the concept of trigger points and "knots" was never based by research and is outdated.

@Matt-iy2cf says:

What does that have to do with your knee pain? The knee pain is mostly joint/tendin pain

@bozorgmehrbahrami says:

I’ve been dealing with weak knees since I was 7years old. Your video helped me run pain free for the first time in years. When I applied the pressure the way you demonstrated it the pain was unbearable, but after a few days it became better and now it’s much better. Thank you man

@CrystaLink10 says:

What the heck its actually really effective

@ObeyRoastMan says:

Do not use a coffee mug or wine bottle please, you could hurt yourself badly.

@lovelife1867 says:

i cannot hold my leg extended , sharp horrible pain will stab after a while , I have developed a phobia from it, I need help , like REALLY ..

@michael4250 says:

Sure…rub that bone-on-bone contact with exercise so the inflamation incrases with the friction of contact. That increased inflamation is so helpful in slowing down the arthritic porogress, isn't it?

@wavetime3651 says:

Started running six months ago and I would get occassional knee pain after runs. I put pressure on my left quad with a 30 lb DB I had and immediately felt improvement.

Wtf is this sorcery.

@iriswellen says:

I hardly ever comment, but I had to do it now! In all my years of running I have never had an injury. A few days ago, two weeks before a race in my hometown, my knee started hurting. I tried everything but nothing relieved the pain. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown when I found this video. Did it yesterday evening and this morning it felt so much better!! I can finally straighten my leg again without pain. I'm going to do this a few more times over the next few days and then hopefully I can race next week! Thank you very much for this video!!

@michaelmulligan0 says:

Wine bottle???

@JohnS21183 says:

Amazing thanks!!

@starzgonzales4358 says:

I injured my right knee in a basketball game, now I cant jog Koz of knee pain, going down the stairs is painful too. Will these methods in your vid alleviate the pain?

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