Why Your Tendonitis Won’t Heal! #shorts

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Your tendonitis isn’t healing because it’s gone on so long it’s now most likely tendinosis. ⁣#shorts

What’s the difference? Tendinosis is a degenerative condition of the tendon – this happens after several weeks of having ‘itis’, or inflammation in the tendon. ⁣

After a while, you’ve got degenerated tissue that no longer responds to the standard anti-inflammatory techniques. ⁣

Continuing to treat tendon degeneration like an ‘itis’ won’t help it heal!⁣

We use Tendon & Ligament Repair to provide the raw nutrients to the tendon to assist with healing.

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@frv6610 says:

I got heel bursitis, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinosis. Causes:
1. Bad sneaker shoes, it was crippling me more and more, I even had 3 extra insoles at one point. Regular insoles are bad, should be like rebouncing yoga mat. I switched to sandals, Trekmates, yesterday with yoga mat insoles and all sympoms are reduced by 80%, I am healing. Today I tested again new sneakers and bam my achilles tendon started to hurt, they were comfortable but i think it is caused also by the rounded outer heel-sole which makes it move forward and backward, compared to sandals which falls forward but not backward. Switched back to sandals and no pain. I search for sneakers with sandal-sole (like tyre rubber) and yoga mat insole. It is not same as no rebounding Flip flops which also causes tendonitis. I cut out a piece of yoga mat like material and fit it into my shoe ontop of its insole and it felt comfortable but still caused a stabbing achilles tendon pain. (Update: I put a cut out insole shaped piece of crosslinked polyethylene foam (XPE) beneath the regular insole as a rebounding buffer between inside bottom of shoe and regular insole and it works now if i walk carefully, i am bouncing. I told about this to Reebok, Vans etc, so keep an eye out for rebounding insoles). It is called sneaker or flip flops tendonitis, indoors I switched flip flops for sandals. Today I walked 2-3 hours with my sandals and feel good but with my sneakers that is very painful or impossible.
2. I ate allergenic stuff and drank salted water which made my tendons stiff.
3. I did single leg calf raises before walking 3 hours non stop. Now I sit and do 25 calf raises as warm up before I go for a walk.
4. I used to walk down stairs forward like everyone. It caused my ankle joints to make a painful popping sound and pain in achilles tendon. Now i walk down backwards which is better for achilles tendon, ankle joint and knees or if forward then it is on a slope made for baby strollers or bicycles or on the grass beside the stair case otherwise take elevator down.

@Leo-yn5fx says:

Thats what i tell people. Those injections are just gonna rupture and frail that tendon overtime. No bueno. The right nutrition and vitamins plus staying hydrated and other active exercises plus rest is best.

@mamat792 says:

More details on this, and how to determine if you have tendonitis or tendonosis.

@englishincontext4025 says:

I have Medial Epicondylitis. If I rest the arm it doesn't improve. If I exercise the arm, no matter how cautiously, it makes it worse. How can I 'rest' the arm while simultaneously 'making it stronger'?

@bjdaniel6776 says:

The more accurate term used is tendinopathy

@AryanAhmadi-ud7hr says:

This case also happend with my left wrist.
It has been a few month and it's not getting any better.
What exercises do you suggest me to do?

@bbw420latinajayvlogs9 says:

Shark cartrlidge helps my tendinitis

@shelbyGT40 says:

No such thing as tendonosis. You google it and it doesn’t come up. Only tendinitis

@kcjd8659 says:

The reason mine wouldn’t heal is because I have a congenital bone structure malformation that was hiding in previous MRIs. If you’re getting tendinitis repeatedly, find out why before expecting anything to help.

@notgivingup340 says:

While I was doing boxing seriously. Around 3 years ago I swung so hard and missed and damaged my elbow like a whiplash. It hasn’t healed at all and I have taken a lot of prolonged breaks from working out. It’s at a point where it hurts from nothing at all just my arm being bend as if to lay down and watch my phone. I believe it’s preventing me to some degree from working out properly. I can’t really do dips. Triceps movements are weak. Is this tendonisis?

@juke1225 says:

How do you know when it switches? This is very frustrating. I’m 46. I’ve been lifting weights consistently since 19. This time around I’ve had the burning sensation for a couple months. Was training around it and decided to just stop training all together on my third week now and it’s still not healed. Nothing seems to change it much. Is this something you need to rest for months or what? What is the time frame estimate?

@taylork2874 says:

How long until it turns degenerative?

@user-hj3hq1ck3l says:

how do you strengthen and rest it at the same time?

@moneymitch9270 says:

Do collagen supplementation help?

@Homestead-ish says:

Mine was finally doing better after a year of resting it, and after becoming more active it’s flared up again really bad… How do you work out to strengthen it and rest it at the same time?

@thethinkersgospel4447 says:

I have had a pain in my wrists and arms for a long time but just ignored it untill it was so bad i had to take sick leave from work this has helped massively now i know what i probably have thank you

@greenlion6544 says:

Appears I have tricep tendonitis from overuse (I'm a bodybuilder). I took 4 hard weeks off the gym (other than cardio, abs and legs). Going into week 5, I'm spending the next 2 weeks strengthening the tendon befote resuming regular exercise.

@prissylovejoy702 says:

What about arthritis? Anyway to loosen stiff joints?

@selmonbheoi203 says:

Well anything on elbow radial head tendonosis

@jsk1595 says:

Can you still run if there’s no pain just stiffness?

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