Unlock Groin Pain Freedom with These 2 Simple Exercises!

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[Performance Place website low back article excerpt] Hip flexor pain can wreak havoc on your love for running. Many of us run for weight loss or because it’s something we feel we “need to do” to be healthy. But not Julie. She simply loved the act of running!

A 10-minute marathon runner in her mid-40s, Julie would typically run five days per week. Some days she would run in track groups, rising to the challenge when her friends motivated her to get faster. Other times, she relished the solitude of solo runs.

Running was Julie’s “fix.” So when a cluster of symptoms started keeping her from doing what she loved, she knew she needed to take action. She came to Performance Place® Sports Care after seven months of unsuccessful attempts at treating the pain. I knew a detailed examination and proper guidance on how to decrease her symptoms would get her on the right track.

How It All Started
About 10 months ago, Julie began to notice hip flexor and sit bone pain when she ran. Since she didn’t do anything to create it, she thought it would go away on its own—just like most of her minor running-related issues had in the past.

But this time was different.

Soon, her hip flexor and sit bone were starting to ache at the very first step of her morning run, causing her pain for the entire duration. Her sit bone region would feel aggravated all day, especially exacerbated when she sat for long periods of time at work. The pain weighed on Julie’s mind. She wondered what she could do to make it go away.

When Julie couldn’t stand the aching any longer, she decided to take a break from running for a few days. Her hip flexor pain stopped, so she made the difficult decision of not running for two weeks.

Although it was painful to give up running, she hoped the pause would give the condition time to improve. And it did—until she hit the track again.

Just one minute into Julie’s first run in weeks, the pain surged back in full force. Frustrated, she decided to seek help.

What Didn’t Work
Julie started by exploring the typical healthcare route. But she quickly became irritated when her primary care doctor suggested rest and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. She had already tried rest, to no avail, and she didn’t like the idea of medication. Her doctors thought she could have a labral tear in her hip, hip impingement or hip arthritis.

Unsatisfied, Julie searched for a better solution.

Her next stop was to see a physical therapist who was highly recommended by one of her friends. Physical therapy was covered by Julie’s insurance, minus deductible and copay, so she decided to give it a try.

Under her physical therapist’s guidance, Julie tried to remedy her problems with a daily 15-minute routine consisting of stretching, glute strengthening and hip mobility drills. As her inpatient care, she received tool-assisted soft tissue work. But despite two months of diligently following this plan, her sit bone was still tender while sitting at work. And she still hadn’t returned to running.

Frustrated by the lack of progress, Julie continued searching for a real solution.

Next, she visited a chiropractor suggested by a friend whose sciatica and hip pain had improved under his care. Julie received adjustments and soft tissue work two times per week, which was covered partially by her insurance. But after three months, she saw little improvement.

At this point, Julie was beyond frustrated. It had been five months since she was able to run, and there was still no real solution in sight. She decided to search the Runner’s World forum for more ideas on how to loosen up her hip flexor. After learning about the Active Release Technique, she visited a specialist who cost $150 per 15-minute session—not a penny covered by her insurance. After two months, the treatment yielded no improvement.

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@stevelaupert7878 says:

Thank you for the advice. This understanding of groin pain is totally unhelpful for me and performing it only exacerbates the issue. Hi my name is Steve, I am a 59 year ole male. My condition is from numerous muscle ruptures in the pelvic region. Some examples are the inner thigh muscle groups abductors muscle groups. Also the TFL and the glutes and psoas. All these complications are from severe dehydration. Resulting in Charlie horses and the muscles rupturing. Then lying in bed for 1.5 years in a bent knee position. These numerous injuries healed in this position. It’s taken three years to stand upright, before I was bent over because of the way I healed laying in bed. I had to use an inverter to re injure/tare or stretch the muscle back to its normal or healthy form (position)! There are numerous adhesions. I can overwork myself very easy which requires days in bed to recover. Mostly today I am on one cane graduating from two. My facia was so ill it dred around my muscles tendons and ligaments. This caused severe overwhelming violent and screaming pain! This pain is and was so horrible and horrendous it would make you vomit shiver and beg for relief. It’s indescribable pain. This condition was from an addiction to opioids. A 30 year drug addiction. I have been drug free since 2017. I’ve been in this pain since 2015. All my diagnoses are from personal experiences and research. In a nutshell the facia dried up from being tacky around my nerves causing pain when moving in any direction. The muscles on my left side pelvic floor, hip flexors, glutes, piriformis muscles, psoas and the TFL amongst others all are injured and my flexibility issues are ongoing. I’m up to 30 minutes or 1 hour a day out of bed. You might think this is my problem but you would be surprised that your understanding and medial information does not apply to my situation. Thanks again for putting out this free information it will help 99.9 percent of people. I am that .001 that has to scratch climb and claw my way out of this hell! One thing is for sure 👍 I learned my lesson ❤ all thanks to the Most High YAH halleluYAH

@neilbeech4093 says:

those for your exercises!

@velocci6666 says:

Hi, are these ok to do if you have lower back pain as well?

@lydiabee9213 says:

Holy cow! It's been 7 months after my hip replacement and have lots of groin pain. This unloading exercise worked so great!!! Thank you!

@chrisbrimhall1613 says:

My left groin has been sore and aching for years….I believe of golf with my weight going into my left leg, so hopefully this helps

@truestory923 says:

I don’t know if it has worked yet but I think you did a GREAT job of demonstrating and I’ll try these again and see.

@Alimoh786 says:

great video and various pics side vids really helped to see it properly. i feel the issue especially when i cross my feet on a floor the groin area. however after 2 minutes the pain subsides. is this a stretch or should i stop.

@kavika121 says:

Amazing demo!

@user-sv6ne5bi8y says:

ty so much I woke up with groin spasms and I am in physio for hip and groin but these exercise are not included however i was desperate for help and indeed these two exercises have brought me relief and hopefully they can last for the day

@potatoaim523 says:

My pain happened like I don't even know when happened I woke up with it after playing football at night
No pain with walking but Hirt when do some movements
there is pain but the paid get less when i play football

@DianeJefferson-bf8uv says:

That helped. Thanks!

@mimilili6568 says:

Thank you so much! Best exercises Ive seen on yt!!! Hope this paing goes away one day..

@wagabira says:

Hi , thanks for the video. That really helps .

@fiabazakarian8568 says:

Woah, did these and had immediate relief from a decade of hip pain. Excited to see how it works after doing the the exercises consistently for a while! Thank you!

@f18_ says:

would it help to add a foam roll with a lacrosse ball the glute that is not getting involved or over working? Great video, Thank you!

@victorjoshua_ says:

Thnk you for this tips…was badly looking for a solution for jt…. finally this video showed up

@diDaN75 says:

Thanks for sharing

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