Run, Stretch, Repeat: 10 minute Post Run Stretching

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Run, Stretch, Repeat: 10 minute Post Run Stretching will help you have a good stretch after your run. Well done for stretching after running!

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@user-ef4bk3kp6x says:

Thanks Ash. Don’t stop the talking!

@elly6789 says:

Thank you ❤

@catherinetobin1176 says:

Thanks, Ash: good prep for my hilly run on Macinaw Island MI, tomorrow.

@RavensFan52 says:

Love the dialogue, especially the mindfulness reminders and form check-ins. Always important. Cheers, Ash.

@craiggillett4162 says:

Great vid, thanks

@malcolmbalk8346 says:

Thanks again Ash

@freenagarcia6717 says:

I've been doing your stretches for the last 2 and a half months whilst I've been training for a 10k and for the first time in my running life, I've not had shin splints or had my knee flare up (ACL reconstruction a few years back)! Super chuffed and love your videos, thanks Ash ☺️

@AaWall92 says:

I for one really appreciate the information dump in every video, keep it coming!

@cnmn9493 says:

Hey there just curious if you happend to look into those guided fun runs. Just curious. Don't mean to be a pest…lol

@sigridmayrhofer3851 says:

After running 2 halfmarathons inbetween 7 days and rest for 5 days I did a recovery run today. I love your explanations and never skip the streching. Thanks Ash! Really happy to have found you!

@joseluisreyna5546 says:

Thanks and great weekend

@lassemontero5463 says:

Thanks Ash! 👍

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