25 Minute Face Yoga Class For Your Most Lifted, Vibrant Skin Yet!

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In this full 25 minute face yoga class you will be guided through facial exercises that will help give you your most lifted and vibrant skin yet!

Always work to your own level with all Face Yoga techniques and have clean hands, clean skin plus always checking with a doctor first if you suffer any medical or skin conditions. If you are new to my channel, I am Danielle Collins, World Leading Face Yoga Expert and best selling author and I love sharing natural and effective techniques to help you look and feel the best version of you. If you have requests for other videos, please leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos!

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@michelleframpton2895 says:

Thank you D 🌹

@colettewallace2228 says:

Thank you for your exercise on our face today!

@katrinagavin8280 says:

Thanks Danielle! Love this 🙃

@stephanivandermars3263 says:

You do wonderful excercises and affirmations thanks

@allibowdey682 says:

Hi, i'm new to face yoga and I'v enjoyed doing some of your videos. A question- I worked at a plastic surgery clinic and used to administer botox, etc. The action of that is weakening muscles so they don't pull skin into wrinkles. I see that you smooth the forehead and practice opening eyes wide without scrunching, but can you explain why strengthening the muscles in other areas will help with wrinkles, not add them? Thanks. Also, is there an order of videos you recommend for someone in early 40s just starting? I've just searched through and done a few. I'm specifically hoping to lift my cheek and jowl areas.

@kathijohnsonrock5856 says:

So relaxing and affirming. Thank you so much Danielle!

@SB-sf2vi says:

Hi Danielle I just start watching your video Thankyou so much for incredible face yoga🙏🙏

@kirstenwood7195 says:

Would you be kind enough to recommend something to too me for helping with my habit of resting my top lip on top off
My teeth, this is so sore, this is threw tension
Thank you so much x

@paulabidiman8688 says:

Wow. I feel calm and relaxed, really. That hands behind the back really released the rest of the days stress.

@michelletapsell7507 says:

I was quite tense when I started this video and now I feel very relaxed and happy. When I started doing Face Yoga three weeks ago it was because I wanted to lift, tone, get rid of lines, etc. but I’m getting so much more than that. My mental health, mood, dealings with others and overall emotions are much improved! I even feel more motivated to exercise. Danielle, you have improved my life so much and I am so very grateful. I will “see” you each and every day, my new friend. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

@erairfan3120 says:

Will I do it once a day?

@anagavran4842 says:

this one is sooo nice 🌹 thank you

@panagiotakonstantopoulou4805 says:

Very helpful i think. Is it ok doing face massage after face yoga exercises or not ? What do you recommend about massages ?

@nickhumphries2649 says:

Love this face yoga class 😊I feel amazing.Thank you for yet another great video ❤

@helenkennedy4661 says:

Your classes have been so helpful to me and I cannot thank you enough for your work. No one believes I'm 48 years young! 💃❤️

@carmelaseverino681 says:

Australia 🇦🇺 Day today! But I’m still watching! Thank you 😊

@samchant-summers5382 says:

I love this video Danielle – thank you. You are the best ever! Xx

@robertmartin8762 says:

Tis Irish Bob saying hello Lass.

Thanks for this informative segment

@farzananajeeb160 says:

Love u videos maam

@farzananajeeb160 says:

I have deep dark circles and wrincles around the eyes ..please tell me exercise..

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