After Stroke: 3 Exercises for a Weak Leg. (Strengthening of Leg)

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Famous Physical Therapist’s Brad Heineck and Bob Schrupp present three exercises that they have found to be useful in strengthening a weak leg after a patient has had a stroke.

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@andycarter2232 says:

What a pile of shit left sided hemepligia also affects left arm so demonstrate how to stand without using both arms you idiots

@user-mi5rt7zo7o says:

I'm 37 and suffered a stroke November of2022

@jennbville4294 says:

My mom's right side was affected. I don't know why. Usually it's the left side. I guess

@patriciadunnett8455 says:

I had a massive stroke 30th January 2023 first 3 weeks I was completely paralized on left side I was in hospital 7 weeks 2 weeks before I was discharged I could walk with a walker but I started to have sevre pain in my left side bottom bone. I could not sit it felt like I had a big orange of pain around the bottom bone. Nothing was done about it in hospital. After hospital my gp could see how much pain I was in referred me to a pysio and this pysio didn't do anything on first visit he requested all my ct scans & ultrasound scan of my bottom bone. 2nd visit with pusio he said he understands what is wrong I also have a misaligned pelvis which came from birth . Pysio massaged the tight muscles in bottom bone then he did a few stretches with left leg, I'm left with goldfish syndrome my memory is very bad now so I carnt remember everything he did but I remember he lifted my left leg up to he's shoulder & pulled from very bottom of my leg by the end he would stand me up and I was straight on both sides left & right . I straight away could walk without limping I seen this pysio for 6 weeks by then I was walking as normal as everyone else , if I had to I think I could have ran and pain in my bottom bone was cut in more than half. My pysio then told me he was leaving & moving north to Gold Coast area in Australia so I started to see another pysio at the same clinic , she didn't do what my first pysio did & she hurt me badly not only was bottom bone pain back but my toes went numb no feeling in them so I went to another pysio that hurt me again & after half of my foot was numb no feeling . The pain is so horrific & I had trouble finding a pysio that specialises in after stroke pain she hadn't hurt me & studied all my scans she gave me very light excersises but I cannot do the excersises causing more pain I've been in absolute horrific pain every day I cannot sit carnt stand for long and I've been in this pain for nearly 12 months now & I feel like the first pysio was the only one that was helping me & understood what was wrong I feel like the others are just guessing at what's wrong & hurting me more. Pain killers aren't helping I'm finally on a pain killer that works a bit better than the others they tried me on but the dose is not high enough seeing my gp about that tomorrow.
But I carnt do another 12 months living with this pain. I'm not having any life at all I've pushed family away cause I don't think they understand I carnt cope with visitors as I'm not even coping with myself can you help or give me any excersises to help me please

@user-gw3ln3pd8d says:

God bless you,be strong,have Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!

@anthonyalfredyorke1621 says:

Thanks for the advice and a very useful video, I had a " MILD !!! " stroke a month ago, I've been practicing Guitar & going on little walks , gradually doing more & more each day. I can tell you there's a light at the end of the tunnel ( PHYSICALLY) , to be honest, it's the emotional side that I've found the hardest to deal with. But I'm sure there's videos online that will give advice on coping mechanisms that are probably useful. I think it's a long road, so don't despair " easy to say, I was crying half an hour ago" so don't beat yourself up, keep trying & have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New year & remember thank God we're alive. PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE ❤❤.

@ryancrandall6124 says:

Good stuff guys! I work in your industry (and fitness as well with seniors/post rehab) and this info is spot on.

@jamesanonymous2343 says:


@sendlocation8476 says:

When can one bend the ankle and wriggle toes after stroke yet alone walk? Any tips and anything to help better recovery? 😢

@gmchannel6999 says:

How to get knee glider

@l.jdowney8198 says:

How often should he do these exercises 😇🙏❤️

@tinkunalwa493 says:

Whatabout left hand it's also week. How to hold that crunch

@monikabochmann2792 says:

Theorie und Praxis leicht gezeigt schwer zu machen

@monikabochmann2792 says:

Die Wirklichkeit sieht anders aus.

@monikabochmann2792 says:

Ich kann einen Arm nicht benutzen

@sasikumar-ol3fv says:

Too much talk need practical demo pls talk lesd

@johnjohnson1313 says:

Is practicing walking more useful than building leg muscle?

@flipperc6042 says:

Lunges are terrible for anyone and knees

@bhumicabodh5800 says:

Sir ..i had my synovectomy in right knee in dec but now as i am walking and excersing my left leg which was okay has started getting stiff and achy at hips and thigh . Also ankles get a little swollen is that normal. I am still strengthening my right leg

@wayneross-kent8534 says:

Make it look so easy

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