3 Frozen Shoulder Rehab Exercises

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Today’s video covers frozen shoulder rehab exercises that can be performed at home. Frozen shoulder (also called adhesive capsulitis) describes a condition in which the body forms adhesions around the shoulder joint, leading to mobility deficits, pain and functional limitations.

Frozen shoulder more commonly occurs in people between the ages of 40-65, females and those who have already had the condition in their other shoulder. Also, individuals with diabetes and thyroid disease are at greater risk of developing this issue.

Mobility restrictions are typically the most common impairments associated with a diagnosis of frozen shoulder. These restrictions typically follow a capsular pattern where range of motion is lost in a particular order (1. external rotation 2. abduction 3. flexion).

Research supports the use of corticosteroid injections, clinician-delivered mobilizations and stretching to reduce pain, improve mobility and restore function (see reference below).

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