Gait, Balance, and Falling in Parkinson's – Living with Parkinson's Meetup: November 2022

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In this month’s Living with Parkinson’s Meetup, panelists discuss falling and freezing of gait with Parkinson’s and what you can do to minimize it.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Welcome to the November Meetup!
1:15 – Meet Maria Allen, Physical Therapist
2:27 – Meet the Panelists
8:00 – Breaking Down Falling and FOG
11:35 – The Panelists’ Experiences with Falling
20:25 – Strategies to Prevent Falling
23:40 – The Benefit of Music to Prevent Falls
31:46 – Kristi’s Falling and How She Told Her Doctor
40:07 – Living Alone and Falling
43:26 – A Quick Primer on Balance
46:11 – Does Being Barefoot Help with Balance?
49:36 – What to Do if You Freeze
53:35 – Fear of Falling and the Consequences
56:15 – See You Next Year!


@judypaterson487 says:

I have had many falls. Luckily only have had 1 fracture (my wrist) but had a serious injury. I fell getting into bed one night. My face hit the metal bed frame and I had a ruptured iris and needed surgery 11:47

@denajessup6675 says:

Thank you so much! Very informative. I also have to stop walking to get balance back. I appreciate the guy bringing up about problem when in class he was corrected about keeping his head down. While I walk sometimes I have to watch myself. I start shuffling my feet and lean my body over. Also when I walk in to get prescription for my husband from the pharmacy, I notice my elbows are fixed at the same time and I am carrying it like I would carry a bowl. I am 67 years old. MRI showed I have moderate Alzheimer’s. I now am having symptoms of Parkinson’s. I felt overwhelmed and had the feelings of being in a deep hole and there is no way out. The depression and anxiety was so bad. I decided no more of this.
I read what to do about what to do about getting dopamine working for me. A lot of different teas I read about. Exercises and walking helped too. Listening to you and physical therapist encouraged me so much as well as each one that showed up. Thank you so much!!!

@georgesymbouras6046 says:

I have a problem with one of my legs is shorter than the other due to a hip prosthesis I’m always limping which makes my short leg tire quickly. Plus I believe that problem also causes me to lose my balance and it of course affects my gait. I have been wearing heel lifts on my short side and that seems to help a little. Is there anything else I can do to overcome this issue.

@justincase4254 says:

When walking I experience leg fatigue after walking even short distance. I am trying to build endurance but, It still doesn’t help

@brendadickenson3547 says:

.music is the last sense we have that stays with you even with dementia at the end of the disease. I find I can hold on to my walker to exercise to music much easier. Keep active. I fall backwards and I am unaware until I am down. That's why I wear that necklace that will call the ER guys if I don't answer or can't get up. Be safe

@dianenicoletti1334 says:

Where can I fill out a form or email something to get on one of the groups that are working with the gloves that are supposed to help Parkinson’s patients with tremors etc. I’ve seen them a couple of times but they never tell you when you can get onto there Trial teams is there anything on when these will be out and ready for sale and how much they’re gonna be can you send me information on it?

@delevangoodhue3316 says:

Does anyone know if those balance boards with a ball in the middle that makes minor tilts in every direction, it’s supposed to help with balance. When I first saw it they had people who had balance problems and this is supposed to help you regain balance. How long till balance becomes an issue, how long with PD. My mother who’s 82 was diagnosed when she noticed her balance was off, she was always a busy woman who when the last time I visited I told her to slow her roll because I couldn’t keep up with her, she was almost 80! My mother is the last remaking member of the family I was born into. This is freaking me out, I’ve been to many sites that didn’t teach me anything till I came here. If anyone has it in them to help I sure could use it now please 🙏

@delevangoodhue3316 says:

I have a question someone may know the answer. My mother who’s 82 was just diagnosed with early stage PD. Has anyone tried psilocybin in Micro doses? I have nerve damage from an accident, that I was put on Permanent/ Total Disability, at least I was hurt at work and was making a good living. I tried it for pain, depression and electrical shock pains that would shoot down my leg and go into the other leg, extremely painful. Point is it worked and helped a lot with depression, pain and sleep to be honest. Please I’m trying to learn as much as I can she is my only living family member left, besides my family. I’ve lost way to much already. Your advice would be appreciated…

@kaystokes977 says:

I walk into things, or try to go too fast, misjudge where the door is.

I do shuffle. I like your sense of humor,Heather

@teresafitzgerald6314 says:

Great discussion.How can I participate in the future ?

@judypaterson487 says:

Even talking on the phone while walking can cause falls. Don't ever do 2 things at once

@judypaterson487 says:

Putting music on definitely helps keep you from freezing

@judypaterson487 says:

How do I get on this conversation?

@judypaterson487 says:

7:45 Friday 2/24 . I have a DBS . I wish I could have the new gloves. My husband and I both have PD. He passed last year. I am in my 13th year and my biggest problem is freezing. Yes I have had many galls

@revdrjamesshowersjr8494 says:

Isn't that the truth Hon. Mr.. Kevin. Especially, trying to navigate those draws around your toes.

@bettybonham7577 says:

My blood pressure drops dramatically & I fall (pass out). No control over it.

@genesebelius4466 says:

Thanks 🙏 to all of you 💖

@genesebelius4466 says:

I miss riding my bike 😭

@kaystokes977 says:

I was diagnosed August 2020. Like everyone, I know I've had Parkinson's about 10 yrs. earlier due to falls, balance. I was out in the yard pulling weeds. I had put my cane by the fence and phone on the ladder. BAD move. I fell into a large planter with a bush planted in it. My bottom went in, legs went up, cane and phone out of reach. Being who I am, I laid in the planter looking at the cane by the fence and phone on ladder, and just laughed! I tried to roll the planter over; didn't work. Not good upper strength, so I just laid there, legs and feet in the air. About 20 mins. later the neighbor came out. I yelled to him, "Can you help me? I fell and I can't get up!" Immediately I thought of that commercial, again laughing. He helped me out!😂😂😂😂😂 My thoughts, YOU should ALWAYS carry your phone .Make sure you have a cane or something close by in case you need it! I LOVE ALL OF YOU❣ I have learned SO MUCH! THANK YOU, I AM ONE 66 Y/O BLESSED LADY❣

@carolgdebiak7591 says:

I was Dx'd about 5 yrs ago. I try to stand still for a minute to get my balance

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