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Learn what is frozen shoulder and how to manage it with exercises and advice, and use these 6 exercises to cure your Frozen Shoulder!

What is a frozen shoulder? You may want to consider physiotherapy to manage the pain.
Frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis, causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder causing trouble as you move your arm. As our capsule of the shoulder joint has ligaments that hold the shoulder bones to each other, when it becomes inflamed, the shoulder bones are unable to move freely in the joint.

There are physiotherapy management exercises that you should do to help with your Frozen Shoulder. Watch this video and learn the 6 BEST EXERCISES for Frozen Shoulder

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00:00 Introduction
00:32 Cause of Frozen Shoulder
00:46 Who are at higher risk of developing Frozen Shoulder?
00:56 Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder
01:22 Exercises for Frozen Shoulder
01:29 1. Wall Climbing
01:50 2. Pulley Exercise
02:14 3. Shoulder External Rotation with Umbrella
02:42 4. Hand behind back Stretch
03:27 5. Butterfly Stretch
03:52 6. Back Shoulder Stretch
04:38 Outro

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@its_toxic.22 says:

Excellent video.mam i am stroke patient from India.i am in recovery stage. how i can i do runing.

@lorenzosantos5819 says:

Simple and effective stretching exercises 👍

@smallcat8115 says:

Thank you very good exercise JizakAllah

@jamesmoloney9303 says:

I have a really sore frozen shoulder, the last 2 to3 mnts wen i put my bad side to the back ofme i get a shooting pain,, can someone help with exercises i sshould be doing

@glory6540 says:

Informative video

@ankitakaur9205 says:

I had been suffering from frozen shoulder since Nov. 2014 in my left shoulder. I had been going to physiotherapy for almost a year now, I started my treatment with Planet Ayurveda. Ferzon Shoulder pack of Planet Ayurveda is very useful for Ferzon Shoulder. Now I am fine.

@barryharte9885 says:

The other exercise that really helped me was simply lying on my back on a reasonably hard surface such as a carpeted floor with my hands behind my head and relaxing as much as possible so that gravity began to work on my shoulder through the movement of my arm. The first few times I did this my affected shoulder began to twitch and resist the force of gravity, it was hard to concentrate on relaxing and ignore the twitching shoulder. Persevere with this and try it when you feel really tired, the sleepiness will help to over come the twitches, don't do this exercise in bed or on a sofa as your shoulder needs to be unsupported to get a benefit.

@mrhungdo89 says:

thanks you for good video

@shafeeqomer8215 says:

Really good technic

@MsHerojit says:

this is very simple exercise which can perform at the home. But in order to improve the range of Motion first of all physio has to focus on the capsular stretching followed by joint mobilization i;e flexion extension as well as abduction movement . after that we have to start the scapulo-thoracic joint mobilization has to be done i;e protraction n retraction as well as superior and and inferior movement. Next is give 1 kg of ankle weight cuff  and do all directions. See the result…..

@ashokparab9673 says:

the shown  exercises are very useful in your close sixties.

@ful36 says:

Good exercises.

@eyes2seebeyond says:

ive been in 'pt' for 10 months..they were using COOLING gel and ICE packs on my FROZEN shoulder..come to find out, they were RE FREEZING it all along…now I have 2 frozen shoulders, but at least I can now treat myself at home with the excercises online…I am so done with 'docks' !!

@barbyberroa5170 says:

Exelent video, i,m therapist and i have frozen shoulder thank you for the exercises realy help

@001itzel says:

hi, did you have a successful recovery?

@Slocket712 says:

good video. Also did these and they do work

@LuvsCrafting says:

Great video, very well explained. I had frozen shoulder and these are the same exercises i did during physical therapy.

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