Effective way to fix KNOCK KNEES! #knockknees #kneepain #knee #kneearthritis #kneepainrelief #short

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Knock knees (genu valgum) is a condition in which the knees tilt inward while the ankles remain spaced apart. The condition is slightly more common in girls, though boys can develop it too. Knock knees are usually part of a child’s normal growth and development.

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@CPLKartikeykumarFromNCC says:

Has any person got result doing this ?

@princeraj_3 says:

Thanks you Sir ji 🙏❤️💞💕

@chanaroti1043 says:

Doing that second exercise alone in ur room and someone enters 💀

@user-hk8em9hj5v says:

I can't do the second exercise with my homies around

@somsekar589 says:

How old age peoples can do these 🙄

@user-rt5lu6sp9x says:

For curved legs

@aaradhyasinha7933 says:

Can anyone please reply that does it even work or not??:)

@AnishGurav-lu8lx says:

Its going better 😊

@dheerajsingh-uz8gm says:

Please tell me song name

@ImuranPulisic says:

That so me more ❤

@padmajaallu5963 says:

How many times in a day?

@mrgee8447 says:

knock knees suck 😭 the fact that it doesnt even look good, and it also gets worse over time which could cause pain. 😢

@artwithskak07 says:

How many days do I need to do?

@ayushikeshri4874 says:

Plz let me if anyone knock knee problem is permanently cured.

@jordan-hu6cl says:

I didnt feel anything while doing this

@asgar_ansari_7 says:

How many days take to be normal

@vishalkumar-bd1ph says:

Good boy😊😊😊

@strongsyedaa7378 says:

If Knock Knee is one sided?

@user-ue5lz3qj7x says:

Bro it is necessary to not have knock knee in the army, but I have u now!!

@buckoboii says:

Awesome stuff. Yo also guys look into flat feet or weak foot archers. For me this is a bottom up issue.

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