Physio Reveals the BEST Weekly Exercise Routine (for Over 50's)

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Welcome to the latest episode of HT Physio Quick Tips!

In this episode, Farnham’s leading over-50’s physiotherapist, Will Harlow, reveals the BEST weekly exercise routine for over-fifties that is backed up by science and research!

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**Any information in this video should not be used as a substitute for individual medical advice. Please seek advice from your local healthcare professional before taking action on the information in this video.**


@dilipagashe6610 says:

Thank you for advice I am Dilip from Mumbai πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

@mikezen99 says:

I tune in to your channel to see your handsome face 😊

@martinarcher1503 says:

make this video when you are over 50 yourself and I will watch it. 20 and 30 somethings like yourself know nothing about aging and living in a body that old

@wmp3346 says:

Single straight leg lifts are great for the hips

@gohotboy says:

Awesome video. Thank you. I have ordered your book through Amazon and look forward to reading it.
Thanks for the many videos you have made and continue to make.
A suggestion to readers is to stand when watching Youtube videos and work on your flexibility and balance, as it is an efficient way to use your time.
I would caution people AGAINST getting their heart rates too high too quickly. I think our max heart rate is 220 – our age, so for someone 65 that is 155 bpm. My doctor advised me against too aggressively training my heart, which makes sense to me. We each don't want sudden high blood flow rates (and possible deposits coming off our blood vessels and lodging in our brains or lungs). So best to move up gradually in cardio intensity over weeks, and trying to get leaner at the same time.
I use an inclined treadmill, which is easy on the knees and I can ramp up the incline over time, and extend the time, and increase the walking speed a bit (ie lots of safe ways to improve progressively, just like we do should do with weight training).
Thank you again Will for sharing your amazing knowledge and hard work.

@ruihmartins says:

Hi, can you make your book easier to get, like selling it as a PDF (if photos or images makes ebook difficult). Getting anything from overseas ~ is extremely costly on postage. I am in New Zealand.

@nancyb.9759 says:

I have been listening to you as much as I have time for. You have helped me a great deal. I am working steadily and intelligently- your exercises that you give out so generously. Thank you, thank you. ( Nancy)

@cesarbadell9780 says:

Thanks a lot for this content. I'd like to have a clear routine including all these 4 elements and the minimal equipment necessary to do it at home. Any recommendation where can i get this information? Of course for + 50 people.

@thurgooddukes7381 says:

Thanks for the information ❀😊

@monicalimon3410 says:

Thank you for your suggestions! I have been doing some of what you suggested already, therefore all I need to do is add the stretching routine and the Zone 2 cardio. I really like the program because it is simple, and easy to follow. I love all your videos, and I already ordered your book in Amazon (I wish it was available in a bookstore instead). πŸ™‚

@georgeeliot2012 says:

I ff past the 3min mark. And it’s still blah blah blah de blahblah

@nursesona7227 says:

You are one of the best YouTuber professional. Someone I can keep up with and feel motivated. Thank you for your public service.

@caseyslove says:

It would be great if you could make a series of videos showing the different exercises in each of the 4 part regimen. Thank you.

@helen677 says:

I do a rebounder workout for cardio with pumping music, great fun. I also do a strength and ab routine too on the rebounder. I follow with weights for upper body, then stretch out with a foam roller. I exercise 3 times a week with plenty of rest days in between.

@aidanteletherapyrush554 says:

Hi, Will thank you so much for the very comprehensive video. It's so motivating. I'm so glad I found your video. Im going to try to implement the strategies given.

@kowalski305 says:

When you say "take your heart rate to its maximum level" do you mean 100% of Max HR? When I use the SOP calculation of 220 minus your age (68) my Max is 152. I did a Tabata on a treadmill and hit 145 but I felt like my chest was going to explode…is 80-85-90% acceptable?

@jandkhilbert says:

Great workout regime – im 3/4 of the way there. Ill add interval training!!

@davidwayne9982 says:

I'm 67, BAD shape– I'm 3 spins on scales (the dial goes around 3 times- as Lilly Munster said Herman does , ha.) and I got mashed between 2 trucks in 99 and the pain is begining to come back with a VENGANCE.. and I'm having issues doing much of anything. I LOVE your vids- they wORK– and yes- as the guy says below- make a video with a PLAN of putting these to work with what YOU teach. NOW- background- I'm use to doing a 2 hour workout daily- for martial arts, etc. so I KNOW physical training. HOWEVEr- you teach the way I NEED for now– after all my injuries etc. and my age.

@lorenyager8271 says:

The 4 categories are very similar to those suggested by Peter Attia in his new book Outlive.

I had been doing only two of the four categories and have recently added the strength and heart (VO2 max) training and and seeing some results after a few months (Apple Watch tracks VO2).

However, the worst possible outcome is to get injured so building up slowly and being consistent on any new exercises is essential.

@mimilauducci301 says:

You recommended specific exercises. Also any suggestion to get the same benefit as from lunges?

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