Overview of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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In this lesson I start off talking about traumatic brain injury nursing considerations. There is a lot to cover when talking about TBI and this lesson starts the discussion with a quick overview of some of the key points to understanding traumatic brain injury.

Much of the information covered, from the etiology, to classification, to explaining the different types of head injuries, primary brain injuries, and what exactly secondary brain injuries are, are being covered very quickly to serve as an introduction and foundation for future lessons in which I will go more in depth in to these different areas.

My goal is to have to feel comfortable with the overall concepts and terms that will be used for the next few lessons moving forward.


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@ICUAdvantage says:

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@bensmith7212 says:

One this I can say is I no longer have a sense of smell cuz my occipital condyle was damaged

@bensmith7212 says:

I had a severe tbi and it was the drs god bless em but it had to be god and shout out to to dr khAled

@Larry21924 says:

I'm stunned by this content. I read something similar, and it was absolutely incredible. "Unlocking the Brain's Full Potential" by Alexander Sterling

@jonkas4542 says:

At 21, TBI caused immediate loss of ability to read and many other difficulties. I'm now 52. I do well in some ways, struggle in others. When i try to explain my self, I'm sometimes told I live in the past. But the past lives in me. 45 pounds of intracranial pressure changes a life entirely. Living my own dream riding a Ducati around the Great Lakes.

@gretchenlhommedieu9246 says:

My son was in a motorcycle accident. He flew over a bank, knocked off a 6 inch diameter branch on a tree, fell down and hit a huge rock before landing in a large creek. He had quite a few broken bones that have repaired, but the TBI is what concerns me.

@eringreen4396 says:

When i was three years old i fell in a coma when i got in my grandmother purse and took her heart medication, was in a coma for 3 days and i remember when i was in the coma i was in the icu unit, and me a a little boy were playing tag, and i remember him and i running to the yellow light, a. The little boy ran in to it, but i was stopped by a boy angel, telling me its not my time , and he said Jesus wants you to wake up. I remember waking up and the mother of the little boy gave all the little kids in the icu unit stuffed animals, mine was a elephant

@Krash9972 says:

I just had friend who has severe brain damage from being jumped and his head being stomped on. He has trouble speaking now and has the mental awareness of like a 6 year old. He used to be a very intelligent guy. Extremely tragic.

@user-nc5rq8lj2p says:

I got smashed in the head with a hatchet πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» someone humble me with a worse tbi

@user-lq3mk3kz6o says:

I had a cast iron 8 foot fence post hit
Me in the hairline straight back from front center of my head . 5 people stretching a 6 foot cyclone fence. It threw me 15 feet back in a summersault I saw stars in the air before I landed in a pushup position . Lot of blood loss seven STAPPLES sewed up the cut . I got anxiety so bad 5 years later I never knew why . I totally forgot I was hit in the head . I closed my tire store and I over think . I get head pressure when I try to remember things then I need rest . I'd do serveys for receorces on the phone for like housing to get a private place to live I'd fall asleep from pressure . Like a nap . Was like pressure from stress . Things that aren't real or see you things I can't relate to ..I get stuck wondering why . It like beats me up . I always tried to keep I things right in my head so things work out . In stead of putting negative things in my head that don't fit . That tries to set me back . I don't know how to correctly do a Email . I forget passwords . I think that people got it out for me . That bothers me . Go through depressed times allot . I went from 15 to 22 thousand grosse dollars a month to less than 1 thousand a month . Living homelss or giving someone most my time cleaning house for staying at their house doesn't get me a head or any personal life . I never had rehabilitation for this anxiety I live with. Citaliprham pills make me feel weird . I'm 60 now only place I go is food shopping . Day by day disability is depressing alone . Trying to keep faith going forward . But struggles through each day .

@SwedeHeaven88 says:

Never-ending headaches and a world that lies to me. It's an awesome thing to have, this tbi thing.

@thomashammond5666 says:

7 years ago today (12/5/16), a 14 year old boy passed away to a traumatic brain injury from a skateboarding accident 10 days prior. His sister was one of my classmates at the time.

@Michael-oo4yc says:

In June of 1992 I suffered a severe tbi from a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a 357 magnum hollow point

@user-rs1og4wl2l says:

Anyone else suffering from constant ear ringing? I suffered from tinnitus after I had an injury to the head , I Am grateful I came across dr Liam ogbebor on YouTube who’s herbal ear drop helped me remove the ringing in my head ,because the doctors here said that their is no cure for it but dr Liam’s treatment proved them wrong .😊

@StreetPreacherDom-df4up says:

Hello very good program. I had a TBI in 2016 I was hit on a motorcycle in Tucson Arizona it has been the hardest thing to go through in my life. Being a Street preacher for about 10 years under bridges and trying to do what I can to help the homeless to me it's all spiritual attacks. When you have a TBI and you also have lost your equilibrium because a hot piece of metal flew in your ear from the motorcycle accident and you are in pain 24 hours a day having to have metal ribs put in because your ribs were crushed. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. Whenever I stand up I have to always know where I'm going to fall. I spent 11 days at University medical center with six doctors working on me to save my life life then about 30 days at another hospital to learn to walk and talk again. With all my struggles 24 hours a day I can at least say Satan I'm still preaching and I'm still riding a Harley trike which brings people up to me and I tell him about Jesus so Satan you tried to kill me but you didn't succeed I'm a living Job right out of the Bible. I am a walking miracle and blessed beyond belief by our Father. Pastor Dominic Tucson Arizona.owendominic940@gmail.co m. Keep up the great videos.

@a_creation...5731 says:

I got injured in back of my head, my head still pains after 6 month of injury but CT scan was normal. What should I do please reply

@alfashewolf7276 says:

I have headaches almost every day so I was doing research on TBI 2 try & find out if my tbi injury from 1969 had anything 2 do with my headaches & came across ur video. When I was 3 yrs old, I stepped out from behind a large pile of leaves on the side of the road that i was hiding behind right in front of a moving car. There was no time 4 him 2 stop 2 keep from hitting me. The car hit me on the left side of my head behind my left ear. I died 3 times – once in my mama's arms otw 2 the hospital then twice @ the hospital. They got me back, but i was in a coma for 6 months.The doctors were telling my parents that i wasn't gonna live but if i did live, i'd be a vegetable for the rest of my life. Changing me, feeding me, wiping drool off my chin bc i couldn't swallow, & 4get about me gettin married or having kids. Well, HERE I AM!!!! 57 yr old grandmother of 2!!! Mother of 1 daughter. I went thru 11th grade in school. Got my GED in 1991. My daughter was born in 1988. So!! Back 2 my question….. Can the tbi i got in 1969 from being hit in the head by a car be causing me 2 have headaches? I am wheelchair-bound, cannot walk, can only use my left arm/hand, have feeling throughout my body & am very creative & poetic.

@user-eq8gr1hp1q says:

My boyfriend tripped going up the stairs…. Yes I said up the stairs, he was running. I'm trying to figure out how that affects him mentally so I can be there for him how he needs me to be. He's always in pain and that worries me.

@abdulazizsaleh5375 says:

Thanks 😊

@ElizabethKnox-si7yz says:

I was a passenger in a horrific car accident in '04. I was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown out of the front windshield. The car then rolled on top of me and was there for an hour. I have a frontal lobe traumatic brain injury. I'm so lucky to be alive.

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