30-Minute, Real-Time In-Bed Workout to Improve Leg Strength After Stroke

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You all asked for leg exercises, so I’m here to deliver again! This video covers 8 exercises that can be done lying down in bed and are aimed at improving leg strength and range of motion after stroke. If my seated exercise video was a little too challenging for you, try this one!

I show you modifications for most of the exercises. Use this real-time, 30-minute workout video to come back to daily or every other day to keep your recovery journey progressing at home!

What You’ll Need:
A kitchen or bath towel
A small pillow
30 minutes
Willingness to work out with me!

Check out my 20-minute seated leg exercise video: https://youtu.be/QYVm2XG0D1I

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:21 Leg Raises
3:37 Bridges
8:37 Windshield Wipers/Clamshells
13:31 Hip Rotation
19:24 Heel Slides
26:43 Knee Push-Downs/Extension
30:11 Toe Lifts/Ankle Dorsiflexion
32:54 Ankle Inversion/Eversion
35:59 Outro
Medical Disclaimer: All content on this channel is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a physician or qualified healthcare provider. Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise or therapy regimen.


@AJ-cg7zc says:

talk too much

@jamesreyer1174 says:

I didn't have a stroke ,but I did have long haul covid with drop foot? Explain.😢😢😢

@ragnarku says:

Great exercise, however 3 years into hemorrhagic stroke and I still cannot do even the slightest ankle inversion/eversion, what's your suggestion?

@StephenBowling-jj8ns says:

😢i had a stroke 1 year agoy leg just feels weak all the time

@mathewgeorge6013 says:

Thank you for these video – I have right side weakness after a stroke 5 weeks ago. Daily making progress.

@etheltortorice6549 says:

This is very helpful. Thank you.

@bubblerings says:

If there is a music. Version, they may Want to do it.
Maybe a few different track videos. ❤👍👍🎈
For After.learning, here..

@jimreigle1277 says:

So thankful for these videos I had a stroke six weeks ago and before I ever got completely diagnosed my wife and I found these videos online and we started doing these exercises even before they diagnose me because we could tell all the symptoms And so when I got to physical and occupational therapy They said that the fact that I was doing these exercises ahead of time really helped in my progression I had absolutely no use of my right side for several weeks in now that I'm back to doing the exercises I'm ahead of the ball Thank you again

@chrissieburgers8651 says:

I had massive stroke it helps to walk me to other rooms in house

@shashank.rajput says:

Maam you are doing great work ..please make a video on ankle drop after stroke and finger fine moments ❤

@vimalrajr7461 says:

Iam 2 years stroke Waikiki not properly show help please

@christinechristine2409 says:

Doctor God bless you for all.🙏🙏

@catslover251 says:

Thank u i had strock 10month ago,its realy slow healing i dont nkow if am going to walk again 😢

@rajashrihegade5052 says:

I have foot drop from the past 8 yrs I am unable to take up my foot. Please let me know what kind of exercise i have perform.

@s.mushtaqueahmed3892 says:

Thank you doctor for the resourceful video. God bless you

@sudhavivek6467 says:

How to gain muscle after stroke being diabetic

@user-nw6ix2fl1l says:

Thank you mam,for your kindness to show me the right way of exercise..

@doty.5822 says:

I could not pull my affected leg when sliding, can I use the left leg to help out?

@onehandedwonders says:

Great group of leg and ankle exercises. Thank you.

@Aleaclet says:

That was helpful thank u😊

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