The BEST Glute Exercises To Help Knee Pain

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Knee pain is usually caused by weak glutes. Knee problems like knee arthritis, knee cartilage problems, meniscus injuries, ligament tears, and many other conditions share a common root condition where the glute muscles are relatively weak and cannot properly control the knee joint.

Getting stronger glutes should directly allow the knee to feel better because it will balance out the strength between the glutes and the quad muscles. Balancing out these 2 muscle groups is important because if the quads are too dominant between the 2, then there will be too much pressure on the knee joint. When the quadricep muscles are too strong, then it’s just a matter of time before something hurts in the knee joint area.

Dr. David takes you through exercising your glutes without equipment and all in standing in case you have trouble getting onto your knees.

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00:00 Top 6 Standing Glute Exercises To Help Knee Pain
00:52 Standing Glute Squeezes
03:42 Standing Glute Burners
06:42 Standing Baby Squat Holds
09:28 Standing Baby Squats
12:58 Standing Baby Lunge Holds
16:15 Standing Baby Lunge

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@Jmnp08 says:

I am so impressed you are teaching glute and hamstrimg focus for knee pain!!!
I have been preaching this for years and it seems only to deaf ears.
This is the channel i send my patients to

@bearskies says:

Thank you for posting these! I need them!

@Lila-ph4de says:

Can you do these exercises if you have both total hip replacements?

@ollirumari4573 says:

I got injured in March of 2023 ,
Did a MRI and i have a menicus tear on my left knee and a cyst….Going to try these hopefully it helps me…I

@dianecraig4004 says:

Thanks for sharing because if I do flute exercises on the floor I throw my lower back out each and every time, no matter how gentle I do them.

@johertel says:

I started watching your videos about 6 weeks ago. I have quite a history with my right leg – including 2 surgeries to remove cancer in my calf. So I am missing a good chunk of calf on the left side right below my knee. Last summer I decided I had to get some exercise and joined a gym, which led to major knee stiffness and pain (I admit I had no idea what I was doing), and also calf and thigh muscle spasms that were horrible. My pain level was pretty much a 10 if I walked through a grocery store. Long story short, I started trying your exercises to strengthen my glutes and also ones for a torn meniscus and arthritis ( hey, I was desperate). TODAY I WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE AND MY LEG ONLY GOT SLIGHTLY STIFF BUT IT WAS NOT PAINFUL! Thank you so much! I think I am doing something wrong when pushing a grocery cart because walking in general has gotten so much better, but grocery shopping was always painful. All I know is I'm getting better and can't thank you enough for posting the videos.

@cynthiagonzalez658 says:

Problem: I get pains on my left lower back when I do glute exercises.

@CarolineShipseyUK says:

Hi Dr David, thank you for these exercises, you are the reason I can walk my dogs and am generally almost pain free – glutes every day plus the good ole tail gate swings. Happy new year to you🎉

@cathysabo1454 says:

Also wanted to add, some of us may even feel less stressed (depending on how much knee damage we already have) by doing these SAME standing exercises, but do them standing in waist high or higher water. I was able to progress with these exercises prior to my total knee replacement. The buoyancy of the water helped lift my legs, where had I been trying to do the same exercises on land, I would have given up. Yeah, I worked less by having the water help, but in the long run, I worked more, cause I kept at it!!

@cathysabo1454 says:

Many, many, many years ago, I was a fencer in college. Now I know why the coach had us point our feet outwards when we did lunges!!

@princessteddy7079 says:

Thank you doc! Very easy to follow & helpful exercises for my weak glutes and benefiting my knees too. Sending my thanks, love and New Year 2024 blessings to you and everyone out there! Love from South East Asia. ❤️

@randywilsonbass says:

Thank you so much doctor.. this exercise help recover my knee 👍👍👍

@luzarsacdetoro903 says:

Top! You save my life!!!

@heathers9599 says:

So helpful! Thank you.🎉

@billleroy6736 says:

When I even do these lightly my knee hurts. medial Meniscus tear from 6yrs ago. Arthritis as well.

@stellachika4961 says:

Thank you so much Dr David for all you do. Because of the knowledge I got from you, my knees are getting better and better with each passing day. May God bless you and yours. Merry and prosperous new year.

@louise5906 says:

🌺 thankyou 🦘

@darcy2965 says:

OMG my glutes are totally useless – 2% at best. No wonder!

@karenmatricardi7906 says:

When I do these glute exercises my hamstring tightens up. Am I doing some wrong?

@zubovaka says:

Great tips, thank you!

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