How to CURE Tennis Elbow – Tendonitis/Tendonosis with ONE Exercise

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I demonstrate how to cure your tennis elbow/tendonitis/tendonosis with one exercise. In this video, I demonstrate HOW to do it yourself and how often to perform the exercise.

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@bigdogkropp says:

Where is the sexy girld? Click Bait!

@rambleon2011 says:

What works for tenosynovitus of the long head of the biceps tendon? Thank you.

@jaguarreal9116 says:

Dr, what if MRI shows 50% tear of the the LE? Will this exercise help. I do have pain at that bony point with a sting like shoot, but the topnof the forearm hurts the most, and most manual finger type activities, like picking up a cup of coffee, opening a water bottle. Thus, it would seem that your exercise can help a lot.
Oh, I've had this many yrs.

@davidcolucci2232 says:

Hi Dr Story, I've had Tennis Elbow for about 2 months from playing Table Tennis 3x a week (Overuse). I'm considering a cortisone shot but have been seeing some research suggesting that this may make matters worst. What is your take on cortisone shots for Tennis Elbow?

@mikerunyan1 says:

What about nutritional supplements for attendance? Do you recommend any??

@OneSelfActualized says:

Does it work the same for golfers elbow?

@anniesshenanigans3815 says:

And this will help the ulnar never too?

@ThaoLe-vp5cb says:

Can you recommend the exercise for golfer elbow as well please?

@ThaoLe-vp5cb says:

Hi Doctor Story, could you please recommend exercises for supraspinatus tendonosis? Thank you.

@ashisht8642 says:

I have tennis elbow on both elbows since more than 2 months now. Initially I used to have pain only when I did biceps curls (specifically hammer curl), then it started during pull ups as well After that I completely stopped going to gym. Visited physiotherapist and she said it is the initial stage of tennis elbow and I took 5 (out of suggested 10) sessions of electromagnetic therapy. I could not continue after that because of the lock down. Since then the pain has gradually increased – note that I have not been doing any weight exercises since 2 months now other than doing few exercises at home – plank, sit-ups, abs exercises and running. I also tried eccentric wrist exercises with light weights for couple of weeks, so far there is no result. I have started doing this rubber band exercise now and I have few questions – Do I need to do any strengthening exercises along with this? ex. eccentric wrist extensions- I work on laptop for 8 hrs a day, does typing aggravate tennis elbow?- Do I need to avoid other exercises such as planks, abs, etc (no weight exercises) Thanks.

@AR-ke8wg says:

Hey, tennis elbow for first time, a month or so in, been trying few things cross friction, ice, heat, stretching etc cant go to physio bc of covid 19 they are closed. Throughout my research no one tells when to start doing these types of excercises. Or when to not. When doing eccentric excercises for me right now causes some pain. Should I keep going? Should I be feeling any pain during? Bc not sure if feeling pain making it worse.

@seemachca1122 says:

I will try it …

@momlee664 says:

So extending the arm from normal position every rep? That's the killer for me!!

@momlee664 says:

Hope this works! Sick of this coming back again and again! Off to find a carrot rubber band!

@nicolasditchfield9993 says:

Does this work for golfers elbow I've had mine for 3 years now?

@r1l56me says:

After a year of dealing with tendonosis with only a moderate improvement I started doing these exercises. I noticed some improvement within the first week and continued gradual improvement to near total relief after a couple of months, just as you said. Thank you!!

@eringrady1207 says:

Huh I will give this a shot. I have an asparagus rubber band and I think it will work. It is purple.

@guyrelax says:

does it work for golfers elbow?

@jeremiahodafe8781 says:

Thanks for the video doctor, but what in a situation where I cannot straighten my arm, painful and so stiffed.
Hoping to hear from you thanks.

@suzannepazandak3223 says:

hello! thank you for this! i am curious, i have both tennis and golfers elbow. From your experience, would this particular exercise help for also golfers? (im guessing it may require a different movement). I have some very acute inflammation right now so am guessing I shoudl wait until that calms down before starting this. thank yoU!

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