How Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Affects Brain Cells – New Research Could Lead to New Treatments

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Each year about 1.5 million people in the U.S. survive a traumatic brain injury due to a fall, car accident, or a sports injury, which can cause immediate and long-term disability, and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) researchers wanted to better understand what happens in the brain during injury, so they conducted a study in mice to determine how different types of brain cells in mice react to severe trauma. The recently published results could lead to new treatments.

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@user-if3fv9of5f says:

My BTI is already 11 years from my accident the injured part is in my right part of the brain, according to my neurologist doctor a white spotted been seen in my MRI he said thats a blood cut been healed but the connection or function is no longer normal, he have a medicine recommended it's "COLINERVE" 500mlgrm I remember šŸ˜… first it's 1,000mlgrm šŸ˜Š. But now it's already 11 yrs. My left hand still can't forced well the strength and really the problem of moving normal I can't close open in normal, holding some things and counting on my left hand. Help me/ guide me please doctor. Thank you šŸ˜Š

@tinman1952 says:

Living with brain damage is a real suffering course because there is no escape, not even a moment's respite. It follows you everywhere like a shadow, even in your dreams where it takes the form of bizarre personifications and strange, broken landscapes.

@lfdab34 says:

I ve had misdiagnosed rightt leg extension and curls and calf raisrs.I can t run,skip, jog,jump.. I have problems walking and hobbling.I also have problems with lifting and carrying groceries.

@Mevc94 says:

My classmate slipped on the floor and hit his head very hard on the wall and I saw his head bleeding and his skull was exposed and me and my classmate we called his dad so his dad can take him to the hospital and stitch it.

@datsuntoyy says:

They'd love me. I've had 10 concussions, 3 skull fractures and knocked unconscious 5 times. 3 years ago I had a stroke to further compound the situation. Memory issues, depression, mood swings, anger issues, balance problems, concentration and learning problems.

@drayincommandadw544 says:

Don't u wanna test on someone who has worked with the natives to make are system better I let myself get hit for reasons like I was getting ready for the world ,I was training to become a hip hop artist that went through the struggles of protest an today I stand with the people not being fairly treatment when u break ur arm or even tear muscle or ware muscle or disturb any part of ur body it will affect ur brain ur spine sends the message up to ur brain when ur spine an ur everywhere is hurting u need something for the pain an in my experience drinking liquor an smoking weed isn't going to work for me this time I'd love to help the people just in coincidence the people who need life saver medicine need it thank you

@astrostar4181 says:

That way my room is messy I had a concussion?! Iā€™m wondering if my lifestyle is the reason to my concussion.

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