Golfer’s elbow pain caused by nerve entrapment

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Golfer’s elbow AKA medial elbow pain is typically described as an inflamed and painful tendon at the inside of the elbow.

But sometimes the tendon itself is actually fine and not causing the pain.

So what else can cause the pain?


The diagnosis is crucial because the treatment strategy is quite different and it could save you many hours of stretches, exercises and frustration.

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Have you ever heard of ADHESION ⁉️​ It’s a glue-like substance; like an ‘internal scar tissue’ that the body lays down slowly over time.

Adhesion causes things to get stuck together ⚠️ One of the most common issues that we see in chronic pain conditions is ENTRAPPED NERVES, due to adhesion that has formed between the nerve and its surrounding tissues ⚡​

Chronic symptoms due to adhesion can go on for YEARS 😩​

The problem with adhesion is that it doesn’t respond well to most traditional forms of treatment; massages, adjustments, dry needling, corrective exercises… It’s a bit like trying to massage and compress a rubber band – you can move it around and change it temporarily, but then it goes back to how it was.

Adhesion needs a specific treatment to actually target and break down the unwanted collagen. In our office we typically use

✅ ​Hands-on soft tissue techniques
✅​ Instrument-assisted techniques
✅​ Radial shockwave therapy

Apex Soft Tissue & Spine is a Chiropractic office with a difference, located in Pymble, Sydney 📍​ NSW Australia 🌏​


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