Stretches to Fix a Frozen Shoulder After Stroke

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Up to 25% of stroke survivors will be diagnosed with a frozen shoulder in the first 6 months following a stroke and up to 75% will be diagnosed at some point in their recovery. This video will walk you through gentle stretches you can do at home to unfreeze a frozen shoulder after stroke!

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:35 Stretch #1 Set #1: Neck Release
01:44 Stretch #2 Set #1: Pendulums
02:26 Stretch #3 Set #1: Shoulder Flexion
03:10 Stretch #4 Set #1: Umbrella
04:01 Stretch #5: Set #1: Cross-Body
04:41 Stretch #6: Set #1: Chest-Opener
05:23 Rest Break
05:52 Stretch #1 Set #2: Neck Release
06:38 Stretch #2 Set #2: Pendulums
07:26 Stretch #3 Set #2: Shoulder Flexion
08:10 Stretch #4 Set #2: Umbrella
08:54 Stretch #5: Set #2: Cross-Body
09:39 Stretch #6: Set #2: Chest-Opener
10:29 Outro
Medical Disclaimer: All content on this channel is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a physician or qualified healthcare provider. Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise or therapy regimen.


@RosaBrandDesigns says:

These stretches are they first sign of relief I have had in 9 months. I do have frozen shoulder from the stroke and this was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!!! ❤❤❤

@sshibad says:

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@catherinecarlson6164 says:

I can see that this will help me immensely. Thank you. It's 4.5 months after my initial stroke.

@user-er4tr3rb3f says:

My right hand/shoulder is very heavy after I had a stroke. What should I do dear Docter,please let me know 🙏

@matthewpipper9399 says:

Just do. Stop talking so much

@terikamo9231 says:

Can I have online class?

@user-mp6px4py4b says:

My father is sufferig from stroke since almost 1yr but couldnt get enough power in flexion of knee and hip joint that why he cant elevate leg duringwalking and he also feels pain in shoulder joint during abduction above level of shoulder so kindly about these two issues…

@kennypeterson5659 says:

Cant lift my right just like you

@22freakyfrank says:

I need exercises for my hand because I can't open it

@Mooregirl says:

Wow. I had that. I went from not raising my arm to lifting weights months later💪🏽tfs

@hiranarang9687 says:

Hello Mam can I ask you to send you your booklet on stroke recovery. I have heard your lectures on stroke recovery. You are good 😢one. Most of the people give up after short time. You are good one, don’t loose your hope and heart quickly. My left knee has become 11:03 painful Any exercise make it better. I want to donate some money how I do it. Thanks. !

@robertpotrykus8739 says:

I do shoulder rotations and shoulder stretches daily.

@leopoldojacinto7614 says:

nice simple yet relaxing thank u 🙂

@sonia68ish says:

I am OT with NDT certification. This looks good except I never get pts to bring arms across or in front of chest as most of them have tight pecs.

@gelsonpadilla1948 says:

SUPERrrrrrrrrrr, THANKSsssssssssss

@micheljolicoeur4873 says:

Hello instead of using a umbrella I used my cane !

@aixinghan6021 says:

I love this video so much. My shoulder is one of my problem. I will use this to strengthen my shoulder. Thank you Elyse for posting this.

@boyenyenyentv2085 says:

My finger move a little am I stroke 1 year ago in a right side, me,thanks and GOD bless you

@sajanninan4520 says:


@mrstevek118 says:

I thought I had a frozen shoulder.I went to the doctor who sent me to a physical therapist . That said it was calcium buildup from not moving it. He gave me a big hug with my arms across my chest, that broke the calcium, and I never had anymore pain and my shoulder was free to move. I now continue to move around stretch it daily

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