Stroke Exercises for Arm & Hand with Little to No Strength-for Home

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp & Brad Heineck demonstrate stroke exercises you can do in your own home for the arm and hand that has little to no strength.

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@WendyHernandez-tz1pr says:

Oh wow so the movement comew back first on the shoulder and then on the fingers and hand

@leshondahall6413 says:

To hear you say some don't have insurance made me fall in love with you I am one but I'm determined to heal myself

@garysharp8871 says:

My problem Is my hands get tired and I have to rest for awhile before working my muscles again

@carmelrajkumar4822 says:

When hand muscles are weak What to do

@isaiahcarrasco9379 says:

Thank you for the help

@isaiahcarrasco9379 says:

My left bicep wrist and hand are weak my shoulder has movement

@myrnacox9770 says:

I love this. I am working with a guy three days a week. I’m going to try these helpful hints. Thanks sooo much.

@AlanDavid says:

tight pec tendon, makes shoulder hard to raise.What can I do for this? Botox?

@chickadeeacres3864 says:

Call it "the affected arm" not bad arm. Thanks.

@paulgoss6786 says:

i need free help, from stroke. the left side of my whole body is pins and needles!

@nowrinfirdaus1484 says:


@yesiownfrodo says:

Bob and brad, regarding taping the hand to a cup: I put on a rubber glove from my kitchen, gripped the cup and used tape to tape the glove loosely on the cup. I cut the glove short so that it was easy to slip on and off the hand. Easy to use over and over. My affected hand was the non dominant hand. I have a problem with spasticity, so this really helped me work on those stuck muscles.

@yesiownfrodo says:

YES vision and neglect, than k you for mentioning that, so many don't understand that.

@yesiownfrodo says:

What was so hard for me was getting controlled movements. My hand and arm COULD move, the problem was it moved at it's own volition, and I dropped and broke a lot of dishes, etc, because the hand would just open on it's own, or the arm would fling out unexpectedly. I've done most of my own physical therapy using therapists on youtube, like you all. Keep up the good work.

@markteslin5654 says:

What exercises do you recommend to initiate the flexion of the fingers?

@cleanhabitats says:

I just had stroke. Thank you guys so much. I just opened my fork and knife cellophane wrapper
.only left side affectedi

@renjithkumar.r810 says:

My fingers are rolled please do a video about this . 😫

@cyrilmacabudbud8722 says:

I shared your video to my acquaintance. Hopefully he will listen to this 🙂

@marymoore4697 says:

Is there a website to get deals on equipment.?
I need a portable wheelchair ramp, gait belt for ambulation and a shower bar.

@cathyleposa-petraud8054 says:

Really useful video… Thankssssss 💝💝💝

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