My 8 golden rules for fat loss over 50 – I ALWAYS follow

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@lesleytaylor6818 says:

Thanks so much! I am 54 and I want to get healthy and develop healthy habits. I will be visiting your website! Thanks!

@Soul.Is.Willing says:

How long to walk and how many times a week?

@Soul.Is.Willing says:

So if im 220 lbs but want to be 165 lbs, i should eat 165 grams of protein? Will this allow my body to become toned while losing the fat? Will this fight against loose skin?

@hidfigfig2564 says:

could you share details on your hair color and routine?

@normidwest1316 says:

very helpful

@althearoberts5413 says:

Hi Mel,
The protein formula 1 gm per lb body weight, is it per day or per meal ? I await your response please. Rather inspirational videos.

@tamishaboddie2793 says:

Perimenopause has wreaked havoc on my body. I have not been able to get a good night's sleep in months and I've tried so many natural supplements. I'm always exhausted, however, I'm going to try to incorporate your healthy tips into my life because I need all the help I can get at this point. Thank you for this much-needed motivation!

@dollworld3256 says:

Wowza. Fabulous!!

@lisabracken273 says:

So happy I found you, I’m 56 And my belly is biggest part of my body, you are the only one that gave me the right way to eat and not be hungry- hopefully I can finally lose 25 pounds

@addicted2me says:

When u say shoot for ur body weight.

Cos i am 67.8 kg 153 cm.

Does it mean 1g x 50 kg?(acceptable body weight?)

@BodyWorks123 says:

Awesome video! Incredibly useful tips and positive tone are really motivating. Much appreciated for sharing your knowledge! 😀

@gwenmadziwanyika7988 says:

Amazing vid❤❤

@gwenmadziwanyika7988 says:

Amazing tips❤❤

What do you think of indoor home workouts if u cant be outside for safety?

Any recommendations of indoor workout pages

@virginiacannon2023 says:

I appreciate your content because I’ve learned a lot about resistance training. I wish you would speak about carbs and insulin resistance recovery. I can’t follow your macro suggestions because I would start to pile weight back on due to insulin resistance. I’m not diabetic, but I do have diabetes insipidus due to brain tumor surgery. I wear a CGM, so I can track my responses to food. Presently, I eat protein and greens with an occasional 1 oz of raspberries or blackberries (about 1-2 times weekly). Even blueberries, carrots, and other healthy foods skyrocket my glucose and cause weight gain. Would you consider a video about learning how to know macros for one’s personal health and fitness journey?

@mlwhite2894 says:

Thank you for the tips!

@mistydorsey9224 says:

I couldn’t get the sleep tip link to work. And I can’t find the video on your page. Help, please!

@jennette307 says:

I found your channel and I love how you have a heart to teach us over 40 to get in shape and be healthy!! I just started your 8 week Home Strength Training program and my question out of all these non negotiable’s is the protein before the workout.. even a protein shake an hour before will make me nauseous .. do you have any suggestions?
Thank you!! 😊

@msmith1109 says:

I love this video. Thank you for keeping me honest with myself.

@carolearce5073 says:

Eres una inspiración!!!❤

@rossanaragona says:

You're amazing 😍 how can you have such an amazing skin too? So tight to your muscles

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