Anti Age Neck Exercises and Massage Routine

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Your neck is aging just like your face. This video has the face yoga exercises for neck and chest area to help you lift and tighten your neck skin, Turkey neck , double chin and more. Products shown and suggested:
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A combination of neck massage and neck exercises when added to your face yoga and facial massage routine can help you anti-age naturally. Facial yoga works efficiently from the comfort of your home without having to undergo invasive procedures such as fillers and Botox. You can get a facelift without surgery if you’re consistent with facelift exercises. Try these as a routine to get rid of double chin, Toning neckline and reduce wrinkles and turkey neck if you have been struggling with neck aging. How to get rid of neck lines? Blush with me face yoga has the answers. Do try this routine with anti-aging face lifting massage and exercises to see a difference within a few days. You will notice a reduction in sagging around your jawline and crepey skin around your chest, Wrinkles and tightened cleavage skin too. You can self massage to get rid of neck wrinkles and loose skin.
With a step-by-step routine to get rid of lymphatic drainage, puffiness in the correct warm-up exercises you can increase the oxygen and blood flow into your skin which is an essential for step for neck and face sculpting.
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Ndukwu Queen says:

I love your teaching thank you

uma uma says:

What products you are using , pls give the name of product

Khin.hnin. Si says:

So cute❤Thank you.

Gina Harlan says:

Question: I'd like to watch a program on a video (like You tube) of facial exercises for me. when People sign up with you, is your training part of the membership? I'd like to watch it rather than read it. Please send details.

Maríaesaludable says:

Bendiciones desde Venezuela

Donnette Konan says:

Or hia xan i join your group,

Donnette Konan says:

How can i get the one snd one and how much is it?

Yabsera Cassopia says:

You talk much

Alexander says:

Ur so beautiful

Mythily Mohan says:

I have puffy eyes..remedy please

Mythily Mohan says:

Pl.let ne know exercise for loose chin muscles and sagging skin

#thehallsofamenti2023 says:

This really works

Susan Stewart says:

I found the side by side thing distracting. A simple video showing the exercise routine being done with a voice over would have been great.

Danielle Pavlovic says:

Yeah you slap yourself silly until your neck is inflamed and puffy, and voila, your wrinkles are gone,! Duh !!! Sgupidity st its finest!!!

rashmi raut says:

Thanks Parmita…I can feel the difference at my neck muscles in just after two days of these exercises.

Melody says:

I love this Amen

BBat says:

How is that you are looking YOUNGER than you did 5years ago !!?????? Dal mae kuch kala hai?! Or is it just your fantastic routine?

Sara54 says:

Are are the creams called again please?

Elise Sophie Karla Rikke Ester Kulsli says:

Thank you so much! This makes so much sence.
It's your intention that creates the result, so have a clear awareness of what you are doing and why.

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