9-Minute Best Balance Exercises! Practice Everyday To Improve Balance

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9-minute best exercises for balance workout for women over 50 suitable for seniors, beginners and women over 50. Balance training exercises are a pivotal component of a comprehensive fitness regimen, especially for healthy aging.
00:00 Introduction
00:21 knee Raises for Better Balance
01:22 Knee rotation For Balance (L)
02:23 Knee Rotation for balance (R)
03:22 Balance head turn (L)
04:22 Balance head turn (R)
05:23 Torso twist Balance (L)
06:23 Torso twist Balance (R)
07:22 One leg balance Paddle arm (L)
08:26 One leg balance Paddle arm (R)

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Benefits of Balance Exercises for Healthy Aging:
Fall Prevention: One of the most immediate benefits of balance exercises is the prevention of falls. As we age, our balance and stability can deteriorate. However, through regular balance training, individuals can substantially reduce their risk of falls, which are a common cause of fractures and other serious injuries among the elderly.
Cognitive Stimulation: Balance exercises are not just about physical prowess but also cognitive engagement. When practicing balance exercises, the brain constantly communicates with muscles to maintain equilibrium. This strengthens neuro-muscular pathways, keeping the brain active and alert.
Improved Reaction Time: Continual practice of balance exercises trains the brain and body to react swiftly. When faced with unexpected obstacles or slip-trip scenarios, a person with better balance can more effectively self-adjust and avoid a fall.
Increased Muscular Strength and Flexibility: Many balance exercises also engage multiple muscle groups. Standing on one leg, for instance, not only improves balance but also strengthens the leg muscles and the core. This increased muscular strength further aids in stability.
Enhanced Proprioception: Proprioception is the body’s ability to sense its location, movements, and actions. Balance exercises refine this sense, which is essential for coordinating movements and maintaining stability, especially in dynamic or changing environments.
Improved Posture: Regular balance training promotes better body alignment, which in turn leads to improved posture. Good posture is essential for preventing back and neck pain, which can become more prevalent with age.
Bone Density Maintenance: Weight-bearing balance exercises, like standing on one leg or placing one foot in front of the other while shifting weight, can help in maintaining bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
Functional Fitness: The movements practiced in balance workouts often mimic everyday actions, making them practical. For instance, transitioning from sitting to standing, climbing stairs, or walking on uneven surfaces. Balance training ensures these daily activities can be performed with ease and safety.
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Note that this video provides entertainment and education, not medical advice. Consult your physician before changing your exercise/health routine. Making any changes to your exercise/health regime is done so at your own risk.
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fabulous50s says:

🌟Let me know how well you did. Try practicing this routine every day for 7 days and come back and tell me how much you have improved.

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Nirmala Bhullar says:

Really enjoyed this balance workout ❤

jean anderson says:

Thank you!! Please make more of these videos.

Ranju Patel says:

So hard but will keep trying!!

Liz Townsend says:

Loved this! Definitely one to do daily- and background music perfect xx❤

Deborah DeMarco says:

I have vertigo and I am grateful for these balance exercises. They are gentle, easy to do, and help with both balance and joints.❤😊😊

Wanda Stewart says:

Madam you showed me exercises I’ve never seen before And they “ speak “ to all of us older women who need a little help in the balancing area and for me it also helps my lower back which is almost broken between L5 and L6 crushing the disc. You’re helping me get toned as I lose weight THANK YOU !!!!

Jill Harrison says:

Awesome – thanks for keeping us upright as we age!

corinne courchaine says:

I'm nearing 40 and I definitely need to do this video more often. You're content is so practical thanx ❤

Darleitha Rhodes says:

Thank you for this. This is my first day trying it and I will be reporting back❤😂😢

Marie S says:

Thank you 😊

Ariel CBeau says:

This is a great stretching work out! Thanks so much❤

venessarocket says:

Thank you today I have vertigo I have it off and on since I wa in my 20’s
I’m in my 50 so thank you 🙏 I hope I don’t loose this video so I can try this daily❤

Lynette Ling says:

Thanks for this video Shelly. I needed this.

Polly Libby says:

Great workout

Deborah Luongo says:

Oh I love this Thank you so much for always sharing your ideas and knowledge 💕

Julie Hoot says:

Great balance video thank you, from a fab 60'er. 😂👍

Natasha Mudford says:

Oh, this is a nice variety, and a bit easier than a brief video I saw: stand on one foot, add juggling. I can't even juggle while standing on two feet! At any rate, they added a variety of things, but the kicker was balancing on one foot with your eyes closed. 😵‍💫

Luann Feld says:

Oh these are fabulous! As a PT I’m always looking for new ideas and these are wonderful—and challenging! ❤

Lillian McGrew says:

Hi Sheali this is hard but I like it ❤❤

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