2 Mile POWER WALK Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

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Feeling like you could use a BOOST in your mood, your metabolism, your heart health, or your endurance? This POWER WALK workout is here to help you with that (plus a whole lot more)!

We’re all about low impact (no jumping) cardio today with a beautiful two mile walk that’s sure to give you a boost, and an informative conversation that can help you understand the REAL BENEFIT you get from all of your workouts.

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Interval timer is set for 45 seconds; every other interval is walking or marching; there is no repeating the exercises and NO REST


Low Swinging Tappers
High Knee High Punch
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
Reach Across High and Low
Toy Soldiers
Curtsy Jacks
Butter Churns
Punch Punch Kick
Can Cans
Double Knee Xs
Goofy Jacks
Ding Dongs
Cheerleader Kicks
Big Arm Side Shuffles
Letter Ks
Drinky Bird Jacks
Walking Stars
Punch Down Tap Outs

FINISHER (compete one interval on each side):
Front Kick / Back Kick


❤ Pahla B


Pahla B, Weight Loss Coach for Women over 50 says:

Everything you need to know about weight loss for women over 50 is in my FREE program, The 5-0 Method. Download it here: https://getyourgoal.com

Lisa Dinon says:

To make this work for me, I did it with 3 lb. weights. A very nice workout!

Radical Cartoons says:

30 minutes is only 1 mile for me! 😂

Brandie Frederick says:

Favorite move was the curtsy jack's. The butter churns reminded me of the Step In Time dance from Mary Poppins🤣🤣 enjoyed the balance finisher at the end. Thank you for these videos💜

Sheri Anne says:

I love the walking workouts! I feel accomplished after doing it!🥰

Jackie O says:

Your workouts are always a mood booster for me!

Sonja says:

Pulleze never stop talking! It always makes me feel like I am there with a friend!


Still one of my favorites! I love the walking/jogging with cardio….

Ellen Weigold says:

So sweaty and tired but good tired. Live the curtsey jacks butter churns and ding dongs. 😃

Suzanne Dunaway says:

LOVE THIS ONE but then again, I love all or them, especially no repeats because they are such fun and so energizing because each is different! Love the positive vibes in this one and all videos, but if you could insert Blossom I would REALLY love that…haha. LOVE that puppy…er…doggy.

Deb Healey says:

This was a great workout-thank you, Pahla. Just what I needed! I am doing round robin Pahla B workouts between the release of new workout series. I’m glad this one came up in the suggested videos 😄

Suzanne Dunaway says:

Love this workout so much but I do miss Blossom so much….

K. Ross says:

I keep modifying every workout for a rebounder because that bouncy feeling is the only thing that keeps me exercising at all.

B Indreli says:

What a lovely workout. I appreciate your comment about my future self thanking me for today's workout. I started the 5-0 method 3 months ago and am happily 20 pounds down. Your conversations with all of us is what keeps me coming back and also tapping into your podcasts. Making the mental changes has been so incredibly helpful. Thank you.

Suzanne Dunaway says:

One of the BEST: Now time for rest…clam sauce is cooking, and it’s really good-looking, so off I’ll go endophined, but this is NOT the end, because tomorrow we’ll meet and I point my feet to the Pahla B screen and get really, really lean!!!!

Amira Iqbal says:

Do you know something about yourself – you are cool, amazing, energetic and have a wonderful temperament. You make us happy. Keep up the motivational workouts!

Susan Young says:

I really love the walk & talk. It absolutely makes me feel like I am working out with my friend while having a nice chat. I know its virtual but its mood boosting nonetheless. Thank you.

Anne Nilsen says:

Thanks dear

Glenda Gordon says:

Pahla, I love your workouts and all your chatter! I like instructors who talk—Your constant talking is one of the reasons I like doing your workouts. I only wish I had funds to donate to your Patreon, as I’m retired on a fixed income and don’t have anything to spare at this time. But thank you and God bless you for making these wonderful workout videos for all of us!👍🏼🥰🙏🏼

Granite Moss says:

Great workout as always today! I made it all the way to the letter K's with 2 lbs weights and then realized it was turning into more of a push than I was looking for. So I set them down and finished up with a nice sweat still! Holiday stress chased away, mood boosted, and feeling good about enjoying some holiday goodies later this week without any guilt. Thanks, Pahla! May you, your family, and all your friends here have a lovely holiday!

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