Denise Austin's Fit Over 50 Cardio Workout | 8-Minutes

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Let’s burn some fat!! Join me for a fast 8-minute cardio workout that will burn some calories and boost your metabolism! All low impact, perfect for anyone over 50! #FitOver50 Learn more:

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purvisbread says:

Those pants are illegal!

Jane Griffith says:

Retired age 60 10 years ago 2 keep fit classes per week until we had a puppy had to drop one class off. When co vid hit our class stopped and never started again we by then had 2 dogs. However end February I tripped up and broke my left wrist ended up with a plate and pins so was sedentary for a few months very little dog walking hubby poorly too shing complications from shignles. Have been back to keepfit week 3 doing good but wanted something to do on holiday as we are away for a month this is brilliant.

Julie Jensen says:

Denise, those modified movements make it easier for us 65 pluses to exercise longer. Thanks! Some of us have never been very physically active so this is (sadly) new to us but at least we now realize how crucial it is towards keeping our health and mobility!

Allison taylor says:

At 60, I have been working out with you for over 20 years!!! We both look great …lol..thanks

LonelyRider says:

I'm 35 but I loved this workout 💪

had 2 , cheets a squirrel says:

Can you Believe Denise Austin Robbed Stone Cold and Steven's Hymen Roth . That's not a robe bic's, that's just plain fishing wrong e

Barbara Di Veroli says:

Love that … if we rest we rust …. funny because it’s true. Great workout thank you

Amy Kamara says:

I always enjoy your exercise you make me feel good on the inside and out doing your exercise thank you so much I appreciate you with your family ❤❤❤

Dee Bowden says:

Thanks Denise great workout

Amy Kamara says:

I. Enjoyed doing your exercises everyday you make me feel better everyday thank you so much❤

Sandra Baker says:

Denise, I worked out with you RELIGIOUSLY in the 80’s & 90’s. My body was in peak condition. However, in 2000 I suffered a tragic loss and I’m afraid I’ve gone downhill ever since.
I have decided to push myself and try to exercise with you daily again. Thanks for everything you do to make our lives better.❤

Felicity Brach says:

Thank you Denise! You’re beautiful🥰

Sue Hunter says:

Love you but that music is not good. Thank you 😊

Marisa Dalla Valle says:

Denise I have been following your exercises decades and not only because they have kept me healthy. You bring me joy, a way to start the day with a smile. "Healthy bodies healthy minds"! and I loved the day you introduced your wonderful family. BTW, I'm seventy-one, no illnesses no pills. Thank you.

Brenda Macon says:

Wow, now I can exercise again. I am 65 and used to exercise with you 25 years ago and loved it.

Feckless says:

Wow I feel like a champion after this one. I work out daily much harder workouts. But this is quick and E-f-fective!!

Magie Robberts says:

Hi Denise have workedout with you back 40 jears… that you are back…

Theresa P. says:

I have just completed this workout. It is short with intensity. I am not a morning exerciser, but this is one that I can do before I get my day started without wearing myself out. Thanks Denise!💕

Elizabeth Hill says:

Denise you are wonderful! I have been exercising with you since the 80s and I’m pleased that you are doing these YouTube videos. Is there an email I can write to you?

Dede Bleher says:

Thank you a lot Mrs Austin ❤️.
I really love all of your work.
You are really the best.
Many greetings from Germany.
God Bless you 🥰❤️

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