Knee over toe #stayflexy #shorts

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MovementbyDavid says:

3 days left for international Flexy joints. Free ebook will be included 😊

Tyler Delvalle says:

Can you show us how you do the ankle thing at the end???

faustina e says:

So all these years the Chriopratic have been keeping us I pain😩🤔😡❤️

Walalabengbeng says:

its time for me to do assisted sissy squats

Rogelio Rodriguez says:

Arent you a chef also?

Azeara Azymoto says:

I've decided you're a shark with cartilage for bones

Karen says:

That explains why I have weak lower back after an ankle surgery!

MsMcbouthillier says:

I love that you include the reference. I was asking myself that exact question

Why says:

Idk why him going "Theres no need to restrict yourself." While in that position was so funny to me.

Martingu36 says:

so you're telling me they're called sissy squats and not DIO squats????

Rose Derogene says:

Good to know. I always used to have knee pains by restricting myself. Thanks for this great info.

Dennis says:

What if my knee doesn't go straight over my toes and curves inwards?

Alex Hutchins says:

Man. I dont have the balance yet. And ive been working at achieving what you have for around a year and a half. I have seen massive improvements. But i keep finding tight muscles or weak muscles or whatever. Doing great. But taking a while. Your channel has helped a lot. Thanks for everything.

novembermember says:

You're one of my idols. Everybody should be flexi.

Valli L says:

But how to so it

Lillian Reichert says:

Wait, so what does that mean for W sitting?

Old Man Gaming says:

It's insane that you're a physical specimen but your girl is an amorphous blob. I'm sure she's nice and fulfills you in other ways, there is however no overweight old people for a reason.

Aquifer Aquitarius says:

What would you say about a fall injury on a knee that caused permanent damage? How would I go about strengthening it? I can walk fine but if go up stairs it’ll start giving me sharp pain

A.h.t says:

Yeah well they weren't wrong. My knees are already reconstructed so I can't afford to go too far over my toes

Jen Fuller says:

I like seeing your family the way you do it. It makes your videos feel more like a chat with a nice neighbor. Ty for what you do.

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