Transform your stroke recovery with this all-inclusive arm rehab toolkit

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Products used in this video:
mat table:
Urias Long arm splint
Urias Short arm
Urias Leg Splint
Elbow immobilizer
Pilates ring
Arm Rehab Skate
Nylatex strap

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Mobilidade says:

Excelente ensinamentos 😅

Ruth Williams says:

Do you have something to stop the legs from dropping to the side

Josh_B Garcia says:

Thank you Ms. Tobias!
I had stroke about a year ago I’ve improved through my therapist and your exercises. But my main question is am I going to get hand function back?
The reason I say that, I love hands on work environment such as plumbing, electrical and so on.
We as stroke outpatients appreciate the help you provide for us.🙏🙏🙏

oculus60 says:

This is very helpful Dr. Tara. Thank you!❤

Bev 1126 says:

Can sosomeone's help me find the link to the night splint dhe recommends?

Christy Osornio says:

Ty Tara! Really I appreciate that! Ty for sharing this fb group stroke survivor im trying to get better. I'm working at home most people i can't drive .

Glen West says:

Thank you the tips/ideas,Dr.Tobias.

Kicknowledge Smith says:

I get tone confused with Spasticity and clonus. When I'm at therapy and my leg shakes after exercising, they refer to it as clonus. When my arm flexes up at the bicep, they said the contractor muscles are activated but the detractor muscles aren't causing the arm to flex up. I'm super confused on this. My therapist made me a n elbow splint to keep the arm from flexing up, he said it's to retrain the brain to keep it down. My question is if you regain full function of the arm/hand, does this go away?

Kathryn Kubiak says:

Thank you so much, Ms. Tobias! I appreciate you breaking it down with all the different tools you use to help break up tone all in one place!😊😊😊

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