Senior Fit | Episode 5 | Chair Exercises and more…

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Get fit with senior fitness expert, Bradford Bailey. Senior Fit by Bradford is a workout series designed to improve the quality of life for seniors through strength and conditioning exercises. Every episode offers a full-body workout, working for all the major muscle groups in one easy-to-follow routine.

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yesiownfrodo says:

Can I just suggest, to AIB and Bradford Bailey, change the name of this from "Senior Fit" to something more inclusive. This is AWESOME for people who are going through REHAB after an injury, for example, a broken limb. Also for anyone post surgery, post COVID, post stroke (that's me), someone who is trying to exercise a little at work at a computer (including working from home), for pregnant women, for those extremely obese, or people dealing with fall potential.

yesiownfrodo says:

I am not a senior, but I'm a large person starting from ground zero, and this is AWESOME. I feel so much better just doing this once. The great thing is, it was all something even someone like me can do, so Thank YOU for giving me HOPE. Thank you, thank you. <3

Lourdes Rodrígues Vas says:

I enjoyed doing the exercises! Thank you very much!

Alice Bradley says:

Such a great channel.

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