5 Stretching Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain | #shorts | Shivangi Desai

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Do you sit in one position for long time? 🙄

Are you suffering from Neck & Shoulder Pain?😳

Here are 5 Best Stretches for Neck & Shoulder Pain.🤔

✅Side Bend:
You can do the side bending stretch while on your back, standing or sitting.

▪️Tilt your head to the right, bringing your ear close to the shoulder. You may use your hand to pull your head farther into the stretch. Hold 20 seconds.

▪️Bring your head back to the center, and then tilt it to the left, again holding 20 seconds.
Repeat 3-5 times on each side.

✅Hand Clasp Behind Back:
▪️Take your One hand over the shoulder to back and try to touch the palm with other hand from below.

▪️It will give you good stretch on your shoulder muscles and relax it.

✅Back & Forward Bend:
▪️Tilt your head to forward and backward. This will help your neck muscles to loose and relaxed.

✅Forward & backward Shoulder Rotation:
▪️Rotate your shoulder by keeping your hands relaxed. Once forward and then backward 15 rotations.

✅Chin to Shoulder:
▪️Rotate your head to the right and left side to side. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times on each side.
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Mounika says:

Each exercise how many times to be repeated pls..do reply

Abdul Gafur says:

thank you so much di

hawanaz shaik says:

How many repetitions?

Rekha Kumari says:

Thank you so much I just woke up right now and was unable to even move my neck due to the intense pain your work out helped me a lot

Sarita Bhuyan says:

It's help for me..tq ☺️

New Gamer1010 says:

Mam my left neck my left hand, left side back is paining and middle of the chest this exercise is helpful to me for my problem iam 15 years old plz tell me mam

Keerthana says:

My neck is suffered from 8 days it helped me soo much ❤

ellis thomas says:

It's very helpful instead of consuming pain killer's…

Davedas Balraw says:

Mam meri mma ke sholder ke bone kamjor hai doctor ne kaha iska exercise batao please mam please 🙏

Pavi SRK says:

OMG it's working 😇

Sureshsura says:

😳 It works😘

Shabnam Pathan says:

Thank you it's very helpful

Nisha Chauhan 🥀 says:

Thankyou mam ❣️🙏

Varsha Jaiswar (phd) says:

Cervical me v ye exercise kam karegi ? Meri Nas khinch gai hai neck and shoulder k pass or so k uthne pe chakkar ata hai kya karu ?

Durgesh Kumar says:

Healing beauty.. Dil dimaag body ko charge karta h 🤟💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

Nisha says:

Mam mujhe double chin se pareshan hun plz

Dhaval Raut says:

Every video she post is useful…short and sweat just Like her smile.

Tushar Salunkhe says:


Anusree Shaw says:

Maam app bohot acha kam kar raha ho ma bas 3din hi ap ka video daka or mara shoulder ki dard katam ho gasa jiska liya ma parai ma focus nahi kar pa raha tha love from Bengal

MOON DK says:

U r Lukng fabulous like a sweet little girl

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