Best Neurologic Rehabilitation Exercises of 2020

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Top ten most valuable exercises for neurologic rehabilitation including stroke rehab, brain injury rehab, multiple sclerosis, Guillain barre syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease.

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Esther O says:

Exercise 1 – 1:50
Exercise 2 – 2:56
Exercise 3 – 3:54
Exercise 4 – 6:25

Anandhan B says:

Madam thankyou iam from india

John Cross says:

Dr lil tits

Mathew says:

Whoever says they don’t like you talking are losers and don’t need to be acknowledged πŸ™‚

jennifer sessions says:

Thank you so much for doing this video!

Sharon Talinio says:

Happy New year Dr.Tara thank you so much for your very helpful & impormative videos. I'm on my 6 months of recovery from Stoke and your videos help me so much in my recovery. God bless you.

Bestmomever says:

I found you in 2022 . I hope these ex will help me I am PD patient. Thank you

Romulo Furio says:

Stop too much talking just perform the right exercise need of a stroke survivor ….thanks

Toni Frimu says:

Hey, Tara!
I was wondering, what's the name of the blue object under your right foot at minute 12:12 ? Thank you in advance!

Matic Nemec says:

How many repetitions should one do these exercises?

Annie Valentine says:

I just found your channel. In almost 2 years, I have had 14 strokes. I have had dizziness and balance issues for over a year and a half. And NO ONE has or can help me. I am in tears because mobility is a major issue for me. I'm fine laying down, but as soon as I stand up, or try to, the dizziness and balance issues start. All my neurologist tells me is that its common for stroke victims, and I could have this issue for the rest of my life! I am stubborn and not willing to accept this! Strokes have taken so much from me already, and I want my life back! But I need help!

Janet Banks says:

Do these exercises help me? I fall alot and have broken my left foot 4 times for over 40 years and have had left hip replacement. I scared to death to walk. It's ridiculous.

uppaia says:

Thrilled to have discovered your channel. Dealing with cerebellar atrophy and always looking for anything that might help. Really impressed with your content and presentation of said content. Thank you.

c lifsey says:

If you are familiar with hypertrophic olivary degeneration (HOD) what exercises would you recommend? It is so rare, PT’s don’t know what to do.

Reynaldo Crisostomo says:


Mohan 2409 says:

while I do exercise my limbs Kindly reverm what can be done to relieve theti ght feelingsof nuscles in the limbs

Mohan 2409 says:

you have addressed almost allmyqueries

D. says:

Tomorrow is a great new day! So until then β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ»βœŒπŸΌ thanks!

Michel Jolicoeur says:

Hello Dr Tara, it seem that you forgive about the compress glove that we discuss couple months agar thank you !

Emma Rodriguez says:

it is very frustrating. not required. until you personally go thru takes more then that

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