20 Doctors Couldn’t Fix His Shoulder Pain!

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mydreamisfreedom says:

Снимите видео про эпикондилит

Jesse Gilbride says:

Some (not all) doctors seem akin to ChatGPT in how they stick to routine procedures, rely on base (and often old) information, and have/use intuition from experience to diagnose. Honestly, it's sort of a breakdown of "first principles" thinking, but I understand that they aren't House (the show) and dont have the time and resources to delve into wvwry case — yet another failing of our medical system, but i digress. I've met a few doctors that break the mold, so there's hope.

Typhon says:

This will help me

Yen - says:

My mom has a shoulder and shoulder blade pain… i really hope i can go to US to ask for consultation 😭 it hurts to see my mom in pain

Mr. Avi says:

you should make a video or short about a bunch of workouts for warmup we can do to fix should pain. somethings we can do before the actual workout. i'd incorporate it daily

A. Aslan says:

I think he has a problem too on his right foot 🧐🤔

RoboRich says:

Life changing

Steven Hines says:

Most advice on this channel is fine, but stop with this “24 doctors/PTs before me” BS.

dumb luck says:

I wish I could go to this guy’s clinic

Andulas is says:

How come you keep finding all these issues with these people but so many other doctors don’t?
I have been to 8 different Physiotherapists and Osteotherapists and none of them managed to help me.
I‘m sick and tired of not being able to do any sport and while paying thousands for no solution

Paul Guidry says:

My left shoulder hurts when I lay down and when I do certain movements

Jamie says:

This is why I won't go to the doctor unless it's urgent care and things are serious. It's so expensive, and for what? For them to do absolutely nothing? If I'm gonna be sick or hurt either way, I'd rather not waste my money and time.

LazyCrazyGuy says:

Because doctors are trained to make money not actually find solutions. Got a pain here, take these meds. Feeling sore take these meds, etc. That is what they do.

Nuno Monteiro says:

I have the same problem

algiuchi says:

No I didn’t see it because the text blocked it😢

Phil V says:

mirrors in the gyms are for checking out tts, asses and lift symmetry.

Michael Ranger says:

Hmmmm maybe that's my problem all this time

Mark F. says:

Thank you. I am in a similar situation; very helpful!

e fan club lol sma for life says:

How we gonna see anything when you put the word over it… lame.

Jesse Trumm says:

I’m dealing with a torn labrum and it basically never heals and I still can’t lift overhead or bench, it’s been a nightmare not being able to put muscle on

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