Luka Doncic extremely heated after this…

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Xavier says:

suprised he didnt get a tec for that

Big Bubba Brown says:

more people should try and master that dirk fadeaway. Durant is one of the few guys that does it quite often. fantastic shot if you can get it down.

Franco says:

As for me, only one hated is guy puting this stupid comment!

All 100k says:

KD looked back like wtf

TCI Beat Records says:

It’s obvious how these referees favors Luca Doncic and the Mavericks….Luca is worse than James Harden in hunting for fouls….

Matt Boespflug says:

No technical = white privilege. Luka getting too comfortable throwing temper tantrums out here

Tshim Muaj says:

Luka about to say “I won’t let you get away with this” while looking down

Popcorn says:

Surprised Luka didn't turn super saiyan after that rage

LongPipe Jang says:

Emotional pecker – wood

vjay shankur says:

In the hood whats luka gonna do but it

Lil Mofo says:

Damn I'm seeing MJ passion inside Luka

RAJIN says:

0:08 luka needs a hall of fame school threat badge

GX says:

School threat mentality

Kavantre Fields says:

Jason Tatum did that exact same thing , they gave Jason a tech

ZelB84 says:

What others call Passion i call buffoonery. Grown men should not throw tantrums

Kyle Claassen says:

DAMN!!!! LIKE IS THE BIGGEST CRY BABY THE NBA HAS EVER SEEN! This man needs to be counselled and suspended from the league. He is making the NBA look soft. #Luka_Is_A_Cry_Baby #Luka_Needs_Counceling

jizzy t says:

Dont b mad locka kd can score on anyone no matter wut

M K says:

That’s also how he nuts

ID: LaMpEr0ugE says:

Luca is trying hard to get the last tech..but the ref keeps on refusing..Wow..they're really saving it for the playoffs..

Nurul Halimah says:

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