90's Mix Silver Sneaker Class!! June 2020

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During these times of isolation Metro is here to help our seniors stay healthy. Silver Sneakers classes are a great way to stay active. If you have any questions give us a call at 516-745-8050.

What is Silver Sneakers?
An aerobics class that is safe, heart healthy, and gentle on the joints .Increase strength, balance, and the range of motion needed for daily living.

What kind of exercises?
Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and exercise balls are utilized for resistance training. Chairs are available for seated or standing support.


Cynthia Tillman says:

Young man hands down you are truly using your gift in a special way. God Bless You

Sherrie says:

🌀>closest symbol I could find to symbolize the patented Ian & Team round of applause~ I did give myself that applause , but especially applauding you guys for this 25 minutes contributing beautifully to improving,maintaining my fitness! Thank you!🌀💐.

Caroll Alesso says:

Every video I try of yours on YouTube is great! This 90s workout is so fun! Keep 'em coming!!

Liz Hall says:

Love these exercises. I have a bad knee so these help me to get some exercise without hurting my knee. Really good music and motivating. Thankyou.

Rhonda Jackson says:

I also do exercises along with you all.

E. De Lano says:

Ok, let's do an 80's music one next??? 💕

Linda Prosper says:

Loving the workout and have told all my Seniors Friends to come join. I love the music as well. I feel exuberant-ed and it get me started for the day. Tones my body and gets me moving. Was some pain but I kept on working to get those muscles moving. Beats going to the gym when you can jammed in the comfort of your home. Thanks for reaching out to me…

Ariel Gimondo says:

My diabetes program recommended that I find some chair fitness classes due to my Achilles bone spur preventing much walking. The millennial in me is so hype for this 90’s soundtrack 🙂

terjogemchai says:

Perfect to start my morning. Thanyou so much!

AngeleAlAahnaAn N says:

So Bless you are here to help us seniors but also people who had surgery ,etc ❤I been excerise with you 4times a week when health permit and I have 😉 it,
Thank you

Raynebeau Montgomery says:

Very cool!
will be doing this one for sure.

Carol Preece says:

So glad i discovered your videos. Makes me look forward to working out!

Julie says:

I really LOVE these classes. I actually look forward to participating, and even do two in a row! Thanks for the fun, smiles, and positive words.

michelle matthews says:

love your work out class are you still having these classes on Fridays also are there any face to face classes?

S Lantos says:

Still recovering from a nasty virus, I can keep up with you and really enjoying feeling a bit better after getting some exercise.

Marlene Agustin says:

Hi I just found your channel- what a treasure! I am 65 years old ,really need this to keep moving, I love the music and your energy really motivates me to follow the routine exercise! Thank you so much!

Betsy Shirey says:

Thanks for a great workout!

Paula Ward says:

I am 69 and my husbands full time care giver. Since the pandemic I only go out when I have to. I am making 2023 the year I take care of myself as well. Your exercise videos make me want to join in, they are fun and I get a work out as well. Thank you for having these for us.

E J says:

Happy NY to you teacher from Illinois

Gloria GG says:

Awesome as always!

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