60 Second Shoulder Release for Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis – Dr Mandell

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This particular self-help technique is super in tricking the brain to get mobility back into the frozen shoulder.

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sqd37l says:

thank you, Doctor

marcia Cunha says:

Excelent video 👏👏👏👏


thank you so much! It really helps

Dace Jaunzeme says:

Wow😮. I massaged that place, but never combined it with holding and moving the arm at the same time. Makes a difference! Thanks!

Madelaine R says:

Unbelievable. The relief!! Thank you.

Stan Kippen says:

Thank you Dr. Mandell. I will try this technique and add it to my stretch.

DiGiT says:

This is the best! After a month of waking up many times during the night with my shoulder locked in place and a lot of pain I gave this a go and it worked immediately! I have now had a week without any issues sleeping. Thanks for the awesome information

Sharon Purdue says:


Maud Essen says:

Thank you! Both my shoulders have been frozen and painful for years now. I just had 10 PT sessions with the standard exercises, and then my deltoids rebounded causing pinched nerves and weak hands. I just used a small percussion massager to do this exercise, and got some immediate relief. I am going to do this twice a day along with my standard exercises. Because my hands are weak and I wasn’t sure I could support the percussion massager, I started out lying down for the first two routines and then sat up for the third one.

Cerebus Cop says:

For 28 years I lifted weights and built up considerable strength, then power lifted for another 3 years and was almost totally injury free in all that time. Then in 2002 while extracting and inmate (I was a correctional officer for 25 years) from a burning cell (his doing, not ours), I suffered what I thought was a very minor shoulder injury… nothing could have been further from the truth! It began clicking and popping and my strength started to rapidly decline in my left shoulder and in 6 months time it became only minimally usable. At 8 months post injury, An Osteopath did a MRI and an X-Ray, thinking it was a torn rotator cuff. He could find no damage to my shoulder and said I should be fine in around 6 months.
It's now (2023) , it has approximately 20% of it's range. Movement even slightly outside of this range can go from painful to excruciating. This is SO emasculating… is this even fixable anymore?

Soe Marjono says:

Dr i hve one major issue. now, my sleep, since i fell, my nite sleeps are horrible, its the pain, saw lots of videos using pillows etc but its not working

Soe Marjono says:

gd madell, i had a fall 4weeks,shoulders affected, slight elbow raise is painful, but i follow yr video Phew, big differenve

may says:

Subscribed. I broke my Humerus twice. Rod hammered into my shoulder to my elbow. Thank you for much needed help

Stephen Lucock says:

I like to use three fingers

Scroungy Redneck says:

Wow why didn’t I think of that ?

martianrocket1 says:

Thank you Dr. Mandell!

Maria Santos Senna says:

You are the best!! Thanks

anise marsh says:

5 years later and I did the exercise….it works.

Sanchita Dhar says:

You are the best 👌

KEDE Business says:

Amazing! Thank you so much. This really works. This is the first time I’ve gotten relief in months. How long to continue until thawed completely?

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