Strength & Balance for Seniors

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Want to maintain a strong center? This workout combines static and dynamic strength exercises to keep you stable on your feet so you can feel confident moving in your everyday life. You will need free weights and a chair for support.

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Charlie Gowing says:

Tough for me but I liked it. Thank you from Charlie in Syracuse NY.

Martha Sanchez says:

Great to keep improving my balance. Thank You.

Carolina says:

Omg! Thank you! This was the best beginner exercise and I love that you go slow, are easy to follow and yet aren’t perfect and allow us not to be perfect. You are the best I’ve ever followed. 🙏 Thank you!

Rachel says:

Great to improve my balance still wobble about but getting better each time I do the exercise, might even manage a wobble free movement thankyou.

Judy Weipert says:

My favorite instructor! Thanks!

Dance Forever says:

Thank you so much for this workout!

Gladys Alexandee says:

Great challenge ❤️

Tamson Darland says:

kd4resqAR says:

Another Andi video to add to my workouts. She's the Best!!

Suzanne Smith says:

Perfect for me this morning! Excellent instructor! Thanks!

Rivka Bialik says:

great short workout which I combined with longer one. thanks so much

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