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Plica syndrome causes knee pain and is basically when a part of the synovial capsule of the knee becomes irritated, enlarged, or inflamed. This can cause the whole knee to be painful and hard to move. More knee pain relief stretches & exercises:

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Treat Plica Syndrome Knee Pain with Stretches & Exercises:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Jasal Orduno says:

Hi there Dr. Jo! I have a two year untreated plica situation and I've been offered surgery but it costs $45,000 and I just can't afford that. Do you know if these stretches will help with such a serious case??

Sharona Etienne says:

Hi Dr. JO! I'm here self diagnosed with Plica Syndrome🤦🏾‍♀️…thanks so much for your videos. I can feel my knee getting better after just one session. I couldn't straighten my knee at all until I found your videos. None of my doctors have told me that this is my problem yet but I have every symptom that you and others have described and I'm quite sure that Plica is my issue. Thanks all the way from the Bahamas 🇧🇸 💗❤ 😀

Nelly Smith says:

I just injured myself hiking down a mountain in Greece and this video was an absolute lifesaver! Hope the exercises help me! Thanks for all the information!

Matt Roland says:

Hi Dr.Jo! Have you seen patients resolve their plica with rehabilitation alone?

Nicole C says:

Thank you!!!

daniel scarazzo says:

Thanks for video ! Most uncomfortable feeling for me is going down the stairs. Any tips for that. Thanks.

CandysGiraffe says:

Question hurt my knee a month ago was told the bone was bruised had a mri was told it didn’t show a bruised bone and the mri person at my doctor office disagreed with the mri doctor about “Probable meniscal degenerative change of the posterior horn” the doctor at my office said it looked fine. Left with paperwork for plica syndrome. Feel like the outside of my knee needs popped/something is pulling against it. Any advice?

Cecilia Estrada says:

Dr. Jo, can I still lift weight and do strength training exercises if I have plica syndrome? My doctor said that I should do exercises that strengthen my leg muscles. I stopped high impact exercise about 6 months ago but I still have some pain from time to time. Is it because I'm doing weights?
Thanks so much in advance.

offbeatslook says:

Hey doctor joe…i have knee pain on lateral side of my pattella at 7&8 o'clock digress angle just sideways of lateral pattella….its not very pain full but very irritating… knee was perfectly fine until one day i seated on squat position suddenly.. from that day my knee hurts..the pain comes and goes sometimes…the pain comes specially when i start my motorbike with its kick 🦵…one day somehow my knee was fixed on its own and remained 100% pain free for two weaks… unfortunately one day i gentley massaged it with my hand and the same thing that was bothered me get backed instantly again..can u guess what it might be plz plz tell me…

David C says:

Knee was painful in this area with a lot of swelling after a tennis match, primary was not sure what it was, structurally things seem to be OK. Saw this video, 1st got rid of the swelling and started these exercises. Very helpful. I need to stretch more!!!!!!!!!!

Savannah Reep says:

Hi! I'm not sure if you'll see this or not, but last year I began training for a half marathon.. I was about 6 months in when I ran a 10K to prepare. The 10K had a bunch of hills, but after I got done running my knee was never the same. I tried running like a week later and only made it 0.25 of a mi before my knee began screaming. It felt like a rubber band on the outer side of my knee and it would hurt for the rest of the day. The next week I tried again running 1.5 mi before it did the same thing. So I gave up running after that. I since have gone to an ortho surgeon who was only able to do an X-ray (didn't see anything wrong) but not an MRI (my insurance stinks lol) but once I told him the story he said he believes it to be the Plica. He gave me a script for an anti-inflammatory and PT for a month (I also can't see a PT regularly because of my insurance). Do you have any other recommendations for Plica related problems?

Dena Marie says:

I have a plica tear and I can’t find much online about it. My orthopedic surgeon wants me to try physical therapy before possible surgery.

Saint S says:

Im suffering from this. It's very painful. Can this be healed??

Gil Jr says:

Muito obrigado, Moça. Me ajudou muito!

Neha Ahuja says:

Love your videos. Thank you!
Are the exercises supposed to be only done for the injured knee or both?

Burak Tokgöz says:

do u say that problems will be fixed completely after doing the exercise routinly and will not be needed exercising again after problems fixed.

Denitsa Hadjiiska says:

Would it be positive to heel without surgery? I have been diagnosed with it since 1 month after the beginning of the symptoms with an MRI with NO cartilage damage and since then I am taking medications, PT and rest as well as trying to correct my almost flat feet. It’s been a month since I started and I see difference and improvement, but I am concerned if there would be any problem in the future or how I could prevent it to come back or make a cartilage damage in the future?

Denitsa Hadjiiska says:

How much time is the usual recover time? I have it from 1 month and there is an improvement from the exercises and medication, but it’s really slow. So can someone share their experiences?

Alek Rose says:

literally like thank you you were the only person that was actually able to activate the muscles and ligaments that needed to be activated and stretched

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