Aqua Aerobic : effective weight loss cardio workout. Par 1. BURN

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This 45 minute cardio workout is an ideal mix of water exercises that will help you effectively burn calories and lose weight.
3 rounds! Each consists of blend of few exercises that you are repeating:
for 1 minute, with 75-85% of your best speed/ energy
then 45 seconds: 85-95%
and finally : 30 seconds: 95%
with only few 10 second recovery breaks in between.
For the best and fastest results , I recommend using small aqua dumbbells or aqua gloves, as well as resistance aqua weights.
Follow the link below:

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena

To find medium ( easier ) ankle resistance weights: Hydro Fit Classic Cuffs Water Weights

HYDRO-FIT® Classic Cuffs Water Weights

To find heavy ( real challenge) Black Resistance Weights SPORTI:

To find Silicone Aqua Gloves ( AQUA AEROBIC: Sport Silicone Webbed Fitness Gloves)
or: these made of fabric:

To find Swim Paddles:( go to AQUA AEROBIC: Sporti Power Swim Paddles OR : Sporti Swim Paddles II, Speedo I.M. Tech Paddle
While you can find them anywhere, shipping while using this affiliate link you support the exitance of this channel ( THANK YOU!) and I am linking only the brands that I have tried and truly recommend 🙂
Comment below: Did you enjoy this workout?
Part one: 45 min. Add Part 2 for additional challenge 😉


Alejandra Cantu says:

💙it !!!! Thank you 😊

lenora clemm says:

Marzena I LOVE your workouts!!! I have lupus, mixed connective tissue disease and degenerative disc disease.. I’m 32 but have had these issues for about ten years. I was always an athlete and LOVE Pilates but the past few years have been constant pain whenever I try to work out.. very depressing. I recently bought my first home and we now have a pool.. I’ve been doing your workouts for about two weeks now and it has gotten me out of a depression!!! I am so happy I found you and so thankful for the videos!!! Life changing!!!! Truly!

Erika Nicholas says:

What a great workout! Thanks for posting!

Terri Howlett says:

Thank you so much, I loved this workout. I have a bad back so I can’t do good intense cardio class without injury. So Thanks 🏊🏼‍♀️❤️


You love water and I love you😍😍😍😍

Liana Gergis says:

Awesome thank you I stated this 3 x in mornings

Kim Shellem says:

Don't need ADs when doing a workout.

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena says:

If you have enjoyed this workout and want to take your Aqua Experience to the next level, try On Demand Aqua Workouts. No ads, professional 4 k videos with your favorite virtual Aqua Aerobic Instructor Marzena leading you each step of the way. See you there!

Psg und Fcb says:

Where is part 2?

Donna Agrinsonis says:

These are awesome!

Katielaine Designs says:


Ms. Ewa says:

Great workouts. I really love to exercise with you . Hugs from Davenport, Florida

Amanda Anne says:

I'm looking for an aqua fit regime that is easy on the spine. I have a bad back. I swim daily, often twice. I would like to take that fitness to the next level with aqua fit.

Maritime Marketing says:

Awe inspiring work out! Thank you

Milana Najdanovic says:

There is no need for constant speaking. This is not motivation video, theses are the exercises that could be explained in 5 sentences.

Elise Hembree says:

I have been using part one and part six of your fat burning workouts…alternating one in AM and one in PM. I have an endless pool in the back yard, Your workouts are a game changer for loosing weight. So far I am down 20 lbs. Thank you so much! I have been diagnosed.with type 2 diabetes so I must keep going till my numbers are down to normal, so I have 30 more to loose.

Avery Stobbe says:

Ant thank you enough for these workouts Marzena❤️

Elise Hembree says:

These workouts are fantastic! I have lost 20 pounds. Since I have started doing them! Thank you!

Jianie Bernard says:

What is the actual name of the ankle weight that you recommend in one of your videos. On the affiliate site there are several.

Stacie Suttles says:

Where did you get the foam ankle weights you are wearing in the video? Swim Outlet doesn't carry them, and the ones on Amazon have terrible reviews. Thanks!

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