Walking HIIT Workout for Seniors & Beginners || Fun Cardio Intervals || no equipment

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You will love this fun walking workout! Choose your own levels with building heart pumping exercises. 30 minutes with no equipment required.

We will go through 12 different moves in this workout. Each move will have 3 different levels for 30 seconds. They will increase in difficulty as we progress. It is easy to choose or stay with your own comfort level.
For example level 1 of an exercise will be just the feet such as a toe tap. Level 2 will increase the difficulty by adding arms. Finally level 3 will really get the heart pumping by adding a small hop making the move more dynamic.
Each exercise also has a 30 second walk in place to bring the heart rate back down before we move on to the next exercise.

This workout is fun and easy to follow along and progress at your own pace. Have fun with it and I encourage you to challenge yourself!

Let me know what you think in the comments! I love to hear how you are enjoying my workouts!

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B Sher says:

Loved this workout, especially the three-tier approach and how you cue us in advance

Nancy Broh says:

Hi Lauren. Loved this. Thank you for a super workout.

Christina Edwards says:

Really enjoyed this cardio workout. Would love to see more high paced workouts such as this.

carole vigeant says:

yay! third time! at the end I almost jogg full 30 sec,,, Almost, protect my knees… have un good day Lauren 🙂 oh, this aftermoon Stretching 25:02 minute haha! I am so so happy!

Lori Royer says:

First time today. I wanted an interval type exercises and yours is great. I am 57. I needed to move more. When I was younger I did exercise a lot. Need more energy. I love your different levels. I only did first level. Will try for 3rd. Have a great day! Keep up the great work.

Debora Brindley says:

Love your classes. Do one every day. My favorite go to videos!

Vani Little Star says:

WOW! I really loved this workout. I love that you incorporate lighter moves for people who can't do heavier workouts. Your workouts are so well thought out. You have moves that can be done by anyone who wants a good workout. Thank you so much for your thoughtful exercises. Just one thing, More….PLEASE! 🙂

Julie O says:

Hi Lauren! What sneakers are you wearing? Do you recommend bare feet or sneakers? Thanks!

Sue McAnanama says:

really new to this….but you make it worthwhile and fun to exercise. I really like the chair/ and standing exercises with weights. I'm a healthy 73 year old, and this with my walking 10000 steps a day should make me fitter and healthier so I can enjoy the grandchildren and travel….(hopefully soon) I would like to subscribe…how?

Enikő Zsisku says:

Michele Matheson says:

❤❤ Thank You ❤❤

Liliana Tosic says:

Fantastic workout!!!!

Patricia Ackley says:

Loved the workout. Had to modify as recovering from injury. My fast speed no where near you but I did it. Yeah! Have a great day

Martha Riveroll Álvarez says:

This one is just so fun! Thanks, Lauren.

Haley Parson says:

This workout challenged my complete lack of coordination, but I loved it!

Megs Sy says:

Did this with another walking work out…total of 50mins…and while on vacatuon. Thank you so much!!

Joan Smith says:

Second time I did this video. Did the third level. Very challenging workout. Thank you!

Jeanne Rambo Hawkins says:

We had fun with this. but no hoppng for us!

Joan Smith says:

Than you for a fun and effective workout!I loved it!!!!

Canal de Bençãos e Paz says:

Nós estamos melhorando nosso condicionamento físico com seus exercícios. Thanks.

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