Try these exercises to prevent elbow tendonitis from BJJ

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These quick forearm stretches will get your muscles warmed up and stretched out to assist with wrist mobility, help reduce pain, decrease forearm tightness, and decrease the risk of tendonitis in the elbows.

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lsraelite Prepper Daughter of the Most High says:

About a week ago I got caught in a very tight Americana and the person was rough with it. Been feeling achyness, a little burning in the joint and a little sensitive to hold weight against it and pushing off of it. UGH! Will these excercises help? Been icing it and trying to do simple deflective exercises like twisting my wrist back and fourth with palm up and palm down with my arm flat and then bending upward and doing the same twisting excercise, but I would like to do other types of excercises that may help it feel better and help rehabilitate my elbow. Thank you!

PsychedGuitar says:

I broke both my elbows and my wrist and now have severe arthritis in those three joints. I really want to start practicing jiujitsu but I'm terrified of rolling with some one aggressive. if I get armbarred my elbows will easily break again. any advice ?

Chad The Beast Hardy says:

Great video Eugene keep it up!

Cole says:

What if you already have tendonitis? Both my elbow's pop and it increases the more I roll. The only thing I've found to help is to get a 5-10lb dumbbell and grip it with both hands behind my head and do about 75 overhead tricep extensions for about 3-4 sets. Do that about 2-3 times a week for a month and the popping pretty much subsides. I've also learned to pay attenton to my grip in the weight room.

TheIinMe says:

Thank you!!!!!

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