Stretching Tight Ankles

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Dr. Judy Gooch shows how to stretch tight ankles in children with cerebral palsy or other neurologic conditions.


elena sfait says:

Tata drogații de mincinoșii javra dracului

mirza magbanua says:

i love the way you talk…very clear and calming…so nice to see this vid

Ruksana Yadgiri says:

Ma'am do you know Hind??🤔🤔

Brok Mills says:

I just turned 28. Had cp since birth and just started to experience the constant ankle pain associated with the disease. This has greatly affected my ability to work, but I am in an area where I can't get free medical care such as medicaid. I work in a kitchen daily and eat roughly 10 ibuprofen a day with tripidal. It's getting to the point where I want to commit suicide. I know my case is mild to say the least, but I'm constant in pain in my ankles and knees and I can no longer run or workout like I did in high-school. I'm glad this young lady is in good spirits and knowledgeable about her particular case. I just don't know what to do anymore..

Selny Febrida says:

Hi. Nice to meet your channel.
my 2 month old baby had a brain haemorrhage, this is his 3rd day in NICU and it's still going on to this day. the doctor said that it was likely that he would have cerebral palsy. Can I do this movement after 3 days he has a seizure when he has a fever? I want to do the best for my baby as early as possible so that my baby can be healthy as usual.

Rubab zehra says:

How many times we should repeat this in a day and how many at once

Miriam Conley says:

Thanks for this, I’m sharing this with parents of CP KIDS.

ali physio says:

Very nice and clear technique

Pearl Alonzo says:

Is it very important to move the leg down at the end of the stretch? (Im doing this on myself)


Charan singh Dhillon says:

Mam plz send me link of Diplegia cp and seizure legs therepy video after botox

Misterpokemon says:

Hii can you get longer when yout streching? Bc im short

رَوحٌ وَرَيحانْ says:

Good technic 👍 Always use on children with Achilles tendon short

Mohamed Orayith says:

Are we holding a stretch for 30 seconds to cause plastic deformation in muscles?

Thahira Shamsudheen says:

I need fastest reply

Thahira Shamsudheen says:

After spinal cord compression my left hand and left leg got weak and now the surgery is done I can move my Arm and fingers so my question is will the spasticity will increase
I am doing exercise and stretching by physical therapy and the tightness reduced my question is will the spasticity increase

Ollie the Goat says:

I have a big race tomorrow and I really want to win my ankles have been real tight thanks

Malana Marie says:

I was born with club feet and I can’t move my feet very much I’m unable to flex my feet my is not neurological but I’m wondering if these will help

Lucky Reddy says:

Madam thank you for the useful information. I searched your videos on you tube but I couldn't find standing exercises for tight ankles
Could you please send me the link for the Same.

Houstonscott says:

Why do you talk so slow

Webi Rajpoot says:

Thank u so much dear mam your videos helped me alot😘😘

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