How to Diagnose Patellar Tendinopathy | Jumper's Knee Diagnosis

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How to Diagnose Patellar Tendinopathy | Jumper’s Knee Diagnosis

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Parth Kumar says:

Sir pain is bit above or the edges of the knee cap

Lewis Jones says:

At one point in my life it was so Debilitating that my whole quad muscle wasted away and I was in tremendous pain when I squatted or straightened my knee. I ended up having a HVI injection which substantially improved my symptoms. However, 6 months later it came back and standing for prolong periods of time and training like a mad man everyday it eventually came back. I ended up getting shockwave therapy and with the correct loading program I managed to reduce my symptoms. I load my tendon 3/4 times per week now. Am generally doing whatever it takes I can’t give up because I’ve got this far I can walk now before I couldn’t. I can leg extension 30kg now I couldn’t do the first rung down. I had a flare up the other day because I loaded too much but I ended up lowering my load. Good luck 🤞🏻 everyone. This is a battle. A battle we will do whatever it takes to win 🏆!!!!!

Sangita Bhagat says:

Leg Blood clot physiotherapy .

Lucie M says:

Best video I have seen on this subject. Thank you!

Suhail Jasrotia says:

Hey doc. I am 23 years old … One day i sat on my foots in a squat position with legs much wide open…i guess that's the reason of my both knee pain ..but all the symptoms are of osgood schlatter disease…. It hurts on bony bump .and climbing up and down stairs is painful even putting pressure on knees is also painful also hurts when i lie down and try to raise my leg straight upwards…so is this osgood schlatter or jumper's knee ….and please tell me the solution to get rid of it…it hurts..😢😢😢

tcampbell2186 says:

What about it being common in stay at home moms who routinely carry around a 30lb kid and baby bag?

Moha Abu says:

I putted my right knee on the left knee then it pop and I didn't able to straighten my leg

Marinus Remmink says:

hey guys do you have anytips on diagnosing between patellar tendinopathy and osgood schlatter.

Sophia Goretsky says:

does walking affect patellar tendonitis? i’m resting from dance but i need to walk in order to stay fit, will this hold me back?

Hoda Elzawahry says:

Everytime I look up random things for musculosketal issues I'm eventually directed to your videos and they always answer the questions.

Lisa Borsch says:

You may want to add Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with this one too. Hypermoblie joints can cause this too! Also someone who has had a knee injury can cause this too!

A M says:

Just to clarify, if you have patellar tendon pain (at the inferior pole) and that pain is reduced or eliminated with patellar taping, that would indicate patellofemoral pain rather than a true tendinopathy issue?

Виталий Рыбаков says:

This was useful information 👍

major core says:

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It is a good one off product for dealing with chronic knee pain without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it.

Pablo Brat Cat says:

Can you get this from slipping down a muddy hill? My knee hurts in that exact spot and I can feel a ridge of tissue, could that be an inflamed tendon?

Tarun says:

This should be first video on you tube about knee tendon issue.

william M says:

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It is an awesome one of a kind guide for dealing with chronic knee pain without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

Danielle Munyalo says:

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Justyna Kalbarczyk says:

I love the plant in this video 🙂

smak says:

Would you agree with Jill Cook saying that it's almost exclusively men who have patellar tendinopathy, while women have patellofemoral syndrome? My orthopedist diagnosed me with patellar tendinopathy (and I'm a female), but I'd describe my pain as more of diffuse pain. The single-leg decline squat produces maybe a 1 or 2 in pain, but a full-body squat a 5 (although if I focus on putting more weight on my heels so that I can lift my toes, there's basically no pain in the kneecap). I don't have pain going up and down stairs, but I do sitting. I did this palpation test with the knee extended and bent and the patella hurts much more extended than bent (in the middle/bottom middle of the kneecap). I'm not an elite athlete training 5-6 days a week, but am a trained contemporary dancer and was additionally doing a lot of jumping (skateboarding) until this injury. It came on gradually as a general achey pain in my knee that I felt in kneeling positions while dancing, and then I had an acute stage where it hurt to go up and down stairs and cycle.

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