Fix Elbow Tendonitis and Pain With This Exercise

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Lateral epicondylitis, also known as “Tennis Elbow” is an injury that can really hinder your Jiu-Jitsu game and also make doing daily tasks very difficult.

Due to the vast amount of repetitive gripping in BJJ, practitioners are more prone to overuse injuries that can lead to inflammation, pain, and ultimately time off of the mats.

The technique in this video uses a “Therabar,” which is a rubber bar that is used in strengthening and stretching the injured area through a negative (eccentric) contraction of the muscles of the forearm.

This technique allows for strengthening of the forearm and wrist as well as the grip without putting extra stress on the tendon. Over time this will help with recovery and can be used as a great tool for both injury prevention and recovery from an injury.

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Will Minnery says:

Hey what about inside of elbow ?

Patrick Trossbach says:

This movement has offered me so much relief. Since starting BJJ I have been really suffering from tennis elbow, but it seems to be getting better!

James Doe says:

Great Video. I have this pain just above my elbow deep inside. It mostly happens after I squeeze arm triangles hard for long time. After that part hurts deep and hard and I can't squeeze my arm cause of the pain. What can it be?

Austin says:

Hey man thanks so much for putting out this content. I know this exercise will address the “tennis elbow” on the outside of the elbow. However, I’m also having pain with the bicep/tendons on the inside. Are there any exercises I can do with the theraband that will help that as well? Oss


I have been dealing with brutal elbow pain I'm pretty sure from BJJ. It hurts to extend my arm fully I'm not sure if it is this or Tennis elbow.

James Boelter says:

I have been doing the "Tyler Twist" (along with a few other drills from the pamphlet included with the Therabar); first with a pink Therebar and then with the green "medium" Therabar over the course of a couple of months. It seems to have helped quite a lot with my forearm and lateral epi pain. The pain is still there at times, but it is MUCH improved. I plan to work my way up to the "heavy" Therabar in the next month or two.

paulcupps says:

Good info … would a hand grip strengthen device . U no the ones u use single handed and u squzze and release .. do you no if these would work for elbow.pain and also prevent it in the future .

M. Douglas says:

I am dealing with pain in the center of my biceps. Both arms now. Def seems like it is from grips when rolling. My thoughts are as follows: (1) I do not drink enough water (2) I need some basic strengthening (3) easing on grips

Any help?

readyme says:

What would you recommend for tendonitis/pain on the other side of the elbow?

Sam J says:

Hey Eugene I have previously dealt with tennis elbow which required prp. I have now developed golfers elbow which is concerning for me due to how bad I know it can get.

My plan is to use the theraband bar (however reverse Tyler twist to that shown shown in the video above) and then progress to some dumb bell ecentric loading. I am predominantly gi but will try to do some no gi to limit my gripping too.

My questions are;

1. Would you recommend taping the wrist when rolling to decrease load at the medial epicondile?

2. How much stretching should I do without creating further micro tears.

3. Should I also consider some soft tissue work in the forearms.

Thanks for all your videos and the Chewjitsu podcast too. Look forward to seeing you get your back very soon.

Eric Franchi says:

Any tips for pain on the inside of the elbow? i.e. golfers elbow. Thanks for all the great tips.

ohplezz says:

I used the therabar for months but it didn't work. The only thing that fixed it was a couple of PRP injections.

Trevor-Indrek Lasn says:

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I've been dealing with lately

builtbyoss builtbyoss says:

Thanks for the information!

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