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How to relieve upper back pain: Upper back pain can be caused when the rhomboid muscles get overworked & stressed. This real time rhomboid stretch can help relieve the pain. More rhomboid stretches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WynJSdu2KI&index=9&list=PLPS8D21t0eO-RMUZw1CSzzYRotJNy2MaM

The rhomboids help squeeze the scapula (shoulder blade) towards the spine.

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Real Time Rhomboid Stretch to Relieve Upper Back & Shoulder Pain:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Rani Tiwari says:

Oh my god…instant relief from a pain which lasted for one week.

AJ Buddha says:

That definitely did help I’ll definitely be using this regularly

Mubarak Hossain says:

Hello Dr. I'm now 18 and I'm having serious back pain. I can't even study for a long time. I feel intense pain. Can you please help?

Lake693 says:

Woah thank you this relieved so much pain. Really grateful 💖🙏🏼

S says:

Hi Dr, past 3 months I’ve had chest pains and a fuzzy like pain under left shoulder blade which comes and goes and also affects the right shoulder blade at times, keep having pains that run down both arms and into hands? Had a chest X-ray and ecg which both came back fine…

Brian Dacallos says:

In just a moment it relieves my left upper back pain, thank you so much.

Caitlin Grant says:

Omg that brought immediate relief thank you

Uhhhhhh says:

Thaaaaank you dude it’s 3am and my back was dying and it worked. I’m a 14 year old with a 30 year old’s back pain bruh tyyyy.

Zach Dasenbrock says:

I’m 20 I shouldn’t be here

Charles Victoria says:

I was hitting the heavy bag and felt pain in this area. After doing this stretch as instructed, 90 percent of the pain is gone! Many thanks, Doctor Jo!

toni says:

I usually don’t comment but this helped me so much. I must have slept wrong during the night and had a bad pain in my right shoulder blas that hurt when I was breathing even. Just did it along with you in the video and I can breathe just fine again. Thank you for that!

Nooooo says:

I'm only 15 yet I'm already having severe back pain from havin' to sit whole day coz I've an online class then do school stuffs

Alexia Haddad says:

How do you?!! IM AMAZED

Kiddo says:

I feel so much heat, did i do it right?

Silentest says:

What do I do if it’s painful 😭

GuapDoctor says:

You saved me thank you so much

red sus035 says:

tysm I had a pain for about a week and this got rid of it 🙂

Ya C says:

This helped me with pinched nerve. Do you have a stretch for pinched nerve for ribs going around to spine?

Cameron McCollough says:

Oh thank God I found this page. On inauguration day I got t-boned by a full-size Toyota tundra. Long story short I have sustained severe neck and upper back damage from the accident.. oh yeah I can feel the middle part of my spine again. It's been hurting for like 3 weeks.

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