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Physical therapy knee pain stretches can help relieve muscle tightness that often causes pain in the knee. These stretches may help with general knee pain, arthritis pain, strains & sprains around the knee. More knee pain physical therapy:

Many of the muscles in the leg cross the knee joint, and when they are tight, they put extra pressure on the knee joint. Some of the main muscles that cross the knee are the calf muscles, hamstrings, quads, and IT band. Also, the hip flexors are important to stretch as well even though they don’t cross the knee joint.

There are many ways to stretch these muscles, and you can do the one that works best for you.

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Physical Therapy for Knee Pain Relief:

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Bhavani Bhavani says:

Iam the tryining

April Graff says:

Thank you! Will try some of these. My knee cap got dislocated two years ago and no one ever told me to do anything for it. So, now I am struggling with knee pain from time to time.

Hasna says:

Thanks a lot of this therapy💯💪

Hasna says:

I had arthritis,2year my knee are painful. I used this therapy, and iam very happy.

Robert Gonzalez says:

Hello, great video, would you be able to list were You bought that band from.

JMac The Fanatic says:

she kinda reminds me of Rebecca from pawn stars

Maryam Batool says:

Can you help me please
I have a knee pain with sound
like boll point sound tik it's very pain full please help

Tribhuvan kumar says:

I'm physiotherapy student from India 🇮🇳

SummerPlayz For Fun says:

my knee and under it was hurting really bad, I don't think I did and permanent damage to it, but I did this for a day or two and now I can't feel anything!

Mary Rose Maceda says:

Thank you this was very helpful. It relieved my knee pain!

Bayan Al-Sulaihat says:

Where can I get the same belt/rope she is using ?

Patricia Gayle Perkins-Christensen says:

Very helpful! Thank you Dr Jo

melissa fields says:

Thanks for the great videos!

Chusang Wanmei says:

Hello Mam!
I had bike accident injuring my femur bone and patella, those steel implant in my patella haven't remove yet, physiotherapy hurts because of the implant and it limit me from bending and I don't find any improvement so I decided to continue therapy once the implant are remove.

Will it work if I go therapy after one year?

Rex M S says:

This video really helped. Thank you doc!

Krucial GC says:

In the past a few years ago I feel when playing tag and sprained my knee it stung when putting pressure on it for a few days. Fast forward 2 years a had a minor injury playing basketball I kneed a friends knee by accident and had the same pain. Knee is weak and hurts to bend. Any suggestions? Trying this video

Hwang Iseul says:

significant improvement even after one session, thanks so much!

lilybind says:

Your ankle is connected to your calf which is connected to your knee. I know this, because i see my leg all the time… but while doing these exercises – this video make me realise that YOUR ANKLE IS CONNECTED TO YOUR CALF WHICH IS CONNECTED TO YOUR KNEE!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't i think that my knee issue could be connected to something other than the knee???!!!!!! Thanks so much!

PB anjay says:

good stuff Dr Jo!

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