Knee Pain When Running? | How To Avoid Runner's Knee

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Runner’s knee is something you may hear of fairly regularly in the running and triathlon world. It can seriously hamper your training or leave you completely sidelined. We’re going to take a closer look at what is going on in “runners knee” and most importantly give you tips on how to avoid it in the first place.

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Runner’s knee is fairly common in the running world. It can seriously hamper your training or leave you completely sidelined.

This annoying injury can cause a dull, aching pain under or behind the kneecap, swelling, and even a popping or grinding sensation in the knee.

All of these symptoms are most likely to occur when you’re bending your knee while walking, squatting, kneeling, or running. And they’re caused by irritation of the soft tissues or the lining of the knee, worn or torn cartilage, or simply strained tendons.

In this video Mark takes a closer look at what is going on in “runners knee” and most importantly bringing you tips, stretches and advice on how to avoid it in the first place.

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Liberty says:

Ugh. I over loaded and totally have this. Grrr.

RaveNheart249 says:

should this be done before a run or after

Chris Lee says:

Basically just doing ATG knee ability, I honestly dont know why all athletics doing those

MD.Sabbir Hossain Ferdaus says:

During running I feel my ligament has stucked.I am suffering this for a long time.What should do?

Nicholas Gustin says:

This was incredibly helpful. Thank you!

lelechuamd says:

Hi what model of shoes are these? Looks very comfy

The GTE Channel says:

Minimalist shoes did the trick for me

Headshrinkerrrrr says:

Gutted. Took up running last year got upto 11k in 62 minutes then stopped (I don’t know why) so got back into it again this year & loved it was running 3 times a week & quickly got upto 15k was gonna sign up for half marathon so I had something to train for but then I got this dull pain under my right knee cap & it’s stopped me any time I’ve tried to go back out. Not seen physio but everyone I talk to tells me is sounds like runners knee. As I said, gutted. Running was my release

Senior Deez says:

ITB pain is next level!

Asafer99 says:

Was playing football today, and I was just playing a light game. I noticed that both of knees were hurting, not badly but enough for me to not want to run. I workout, I do weighted callisthenics (squats included). I will be trying all of this as I don't want this to become something more serious.

Romik Petrosyan says:

Bruh I want from running 40 mins to 1hr and 30mins

Santosh Kumar says:

thank you very much for your suggestion, I too experienced knee pain. I took 2.5 years gap due to pandemic and then started to run . first day 5k in 28 minutes and second day I covered 5k in 28 minutes with no strengthening excersize. third day no run no strengthening excersizes but resulted in knee pain. now took proper rest and started with 10% increase in my run with no pain. thank God 😊

Kingston says:

I started running 5K everyday suddenly without any experience. After 3 weeks my right knee hurts like hell when running and can’t put any weight on it when I run.

AkustikTrax says:

Thanks for the video. I think I am doomed all the exercises cause more pain for me

Karenanei Ronald says:

i have pain in my left knee due to i think too much runing can these exercise help because i want to start back my football training beecause the knee is really weak know

Deepak SB says:

I started and quit just because of pain in my knees, now planning to Run again, i will follow your tips and i ll update my results later .. thanx

Satya Nagaraja says:

Foam rolling your IT band is usually considered ineffective since the IT band is a touch ligament that isn't amenable to 'softening'

Freya says:

the way my knees popped after that second one 💀

Barnaclebeard says:

Barefoot / minimalist runners never get bad knees. Running shoes are bionic feet, but you don't have cyborg ankles, knees or hips. Your feet have a bajillion nerve endings that force you to stop or be gentle with yourself before you can injure your knees. Running shoes not only remove that important feedback, but they encourage seriously injurious techniques. You won't even know you're hurting yourself until you have done real damage.

Vlad Stavarache says:

carnivore diet

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