How To Fix Shoulder Pain- (The Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Injured Shoulder)

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In this video, London based Osteopath, Ashley, shows you the best exercises you can do to start fixing your shoulder pain. These exercises are meant as guidance and are not prescriptive in any way and you should first seek guidance from a qualified medical professional about your pain.

Take the exercises that work from you and ignore any that cause you problems.

00:00 Intro
01:38 Pain Free Joint Ranges
02:32 Phases of Injury
03:58 Tricep Extensions with cables
05:28 Tricep Extensions with resistance bands
05:57 Bicep curls with dumbbells
07:33 Lateral Raises with cables
09:35 Lateral Raises with resistance bands
10:05 Front Raises with resistance bands
10:41 Front Raises with cables
10:06 Straight Arm Pulldowns with cables
12:44 Straight Arm Pulldowns with resistance bands
13:09 Single Arm Row with dumbbells
14:43 Single Arm Row with resistance bands
15:32 Why I don’t like traditional rotator cuff exercises and outro

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Justin Hall says:

My shoulder has been bothering me a lot and I’ve been doing pt but these exercises helped so much I could do them all with just light pain in one exercise I lowered the weight and fixed the issue. thank you so much for the advise

Tigre onice says:

Thank you very mucj. Your video is the best shoulder rehab video in youtube

Danielle Renee says:

You talk wayyyyyy toooo much
Just get to the point
Why do we have to be tortured into lectures over and over agin when we are obviously already in pain

Charles Eden says:

Thanks for the video….im gonna start tomorrow am with your exercises….I had a seizure about 4 months ago and somehow injured my shoulder during…..alot of the movements you showed were not to painful but the movement at 17:00, I can barely do. It's a bad numbing pain over my whole shoulder and pain running down back of my arm to elbow? I 1st realized how bad it was when tried to do squats and could not lift arm back in that rotation to grip squat bar…..thanks for the video

Philip Holman says:

it's awkward fighting the pull of the bands while trying to maintain form( in higher resistance)

Moon Noggin says:

Also injury can cause severe shoulder pain.

Slide says:

Have had shoulder pain in a week and Can fx feel it when i make my bed. I Think it vines from doing dips. The pain is not that Big. What do you Think it is

A Real Truth Seeker says:

Ashley, I saw so much talking about shoulder pain by many providers but what about shoulder aches? What cause shoulder stiffness and aches? What do we do with stiffness and aches? Thanks.

Thierry Bonnabesse says:

I am a rehabilitation physician athlete with shoulder issues and these are some of the best advices and explanations that I have heard. 10+!

HARLEM430 says:

Thanks for this video

capeheartriz says:

The 90 degree external rotation he demos at the end as not effective, is a killer for me….Will try his methods

Playboi Smoovz says:

Hey how many times should you do these exercises….everyday? every other day? once a week?

Dieketseng Bolofo says:

This helps a lot. I would like to return to gym but extremely hesitant cause my shoulder still hurts a lot from car accident injury from 4 weeks ago. So this makes a lot of sense on top of the advise my Physiotherapist has given me as shoulder exercises during and post pain.

Annmarie Horsfield says:

I was weight training on a flat bench and using 14kg Dumbells about 30lbs doing fly raises about 12weeks ago now and the day after felt some shoulder pain ive done the tests as you said in your video and i feel the pain from arm raise about mid way from my side in the upwards movement will this be the Suerspinatus ? I still get pain in that movement range i Loved your video very educational !!

shawn rich says:

Thank You so much for this info… Been going through shoulder pain past 6 months and pushed it way to far, Now I cant do any overhead exercises or incline exercises, God bless the EGO! …Should have backed off a while ago …I think the root cause of this was going to deep and heavy on the incline chest press. 
Was also doing 21's on the cable shoulder exercises rear, front and side delts which could have triggered it too…
I am definitely going to start with these exercises you have recommended, Ill be back in a few weeks and let you know how it goes!

Rosa Li says:

Perfect exercises for my dislocated shoulder healing period

Rosa Li says:

Thanks for this video, these are very helpful to my injury with dislocated shoulder. 🙏

Ody Orbita says:

Thank you for a very good demo Sir.

Nancy Nguyen says:

Thank you very much for the videos , it really help for my shoulder I’m happy now

Jay McCalden says:

I have dislocated my shoulder 9 times. This is a great video!

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