Frozen Shoulder GONE! – Best Shoulder Stretches For Pain And Mobility

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The best shoulder stretches to decrease pain and improve your range of motion and mobility. These are great exercises for frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendonitis, impingement, and other common shoulder issues. Your shoulder is your most mobile joint in your body – make sure it stays that way with nine simple stretches you can do right at home to decrease tightness and pain in your shoulder. Keep reading below for more links you will find helpful.






Golf clubs work great to perform these exercises. If you don’t have one at home, here’s a link to the cheapest one I could find on Amazon (affiliate):
(Your local thrift store is another good place to look for one.)


As I mentioned earlier, your shoulder is your most mobile joint in the body. It is actually one of our few joints that moves in home three planes of motion (forward and backwards, side to side, and rotation). It is important to maintain mobility and range of motion in your shoulders for normal, pain-free function. 

As a physical therapist, shoulder pain is a condition that I often treat in my clinic. Common conditions include impingement, arthritis, and rotator cuff tendinitis and tears to name just a few. These painful conditions can cause us to STOP using our shoulder to avoid pain. This can cause the tendons and joint capsule to actually shrink, thereby limiting our range of motion even more. This condition is known as frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder is a difficult condition to treat. Fortunately, if you are experiencing pain or tightness in your shoulder or symptoms of a “frozen shoulder“ there is a lot that conservative care can do to help you out. The key is to stretch in a PAIN-FREE range of motion, and to do it OFTEN.

And as a doctor of physical therapy these are the stretches and exercises that I recommend to my patients on a daily basis. For patients with freezing or frozen shoulder I recommend performing these exercises up to 4-5 times/day as long as they don’t hurt or increase your pain. Most patients that I work with make really good progress with these exercises; I hope the same applies for you!

One caveat before we get started – whenever you perform any stretch to any area of your body, it must be in a very COMFORTABLE range. That means I do not want you to push these shoulder stretches to a painful point. You should push just until you feel a very comfortable stretch in the area, but no pain.

If you have pushed to the point of pain, back off a little bit to a comfortable range of motion. If you cannot perform the stretch without pain, then I wouldn’t recommend it for you and you should stick with those that don’t cause symptoms.

Anatomy and physiology: 1:20
1. Extension shoulder stretch: 4:10
2. External rotation shoulder stretch: 4:59
3. Internal rotation shoulder stretch: 6:09
4. Wand overhead shoulder stretch: 7:17
5. Standing overhead shoulder stretch: 8:20
6. Standing abduction shoulder stretch: 9:09
7. 2-way doorway shoulder stretch: 10:00
8. Standing external rotation shoulder stretch: 11:19

There you have them! Nine of the best shoulder stretches to increase range of motion and mobility and decrease pain. Keeping your shoulder mobile is essential to proper function; perform these shoulder stretches regularly to alleviate your pain and help your shoulders to feel better.

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Dipankar Bhaduri says:

4:30 5:20 6:40 7:35

Tennis Replay says:

The way this guy talks is so unappealing and he looks like an elf

SouthernBelle 007 says:

whew!! This definitely does it for me. Thank you for the reply and directing me to this video!

A Tuz says:

I have shoulder and lower back pain. Your videos have great content, well made and are helpful. Thank you for sharing.

LisaJ201 says:

You described my situation perfectly. I noticed pain when I reached out to the side a few months ago, and I've progressively lost range of motion with that arm & shoulder because I didn't move it past the point where it hurt. I did these stretches and my arm and shoulder feel different–almost refreshed. There's still pain, but I can tell that the stretching has helped, so I'll keep it up and look forward to more movement and less pain. Thanks so much!

Leo says:

Thank you again.
I do have a question. I stretch b4 my Kaatsu. Wondering if stretching would be beneficial after work out. I heard that stretching right after a work out can lesson muscle gain because of the connections between the nerves and muscles.
Thank you.

Lakhbir Kaur says:

I m subscriber. I have also pain in my right shoulder and I can’t move it backward. I think there is some muscles tear. What can I do know bcz I m always busy in my household work bcz that’s compulsory for me nobody is in our home to do the work. Please reply me how I recover it in home.

James Ditchfield says:

Hi Jerred thanks a lot I’m going try do some them mate

s m says:

Thank you so much for sharing !

Lisa says:

Very well explained, very helpful–love these movements. Thank you!

K F says:

I had a broken elbow and frozen shoulder on my left arm. I have a metal plate and do not have the ability to fully extend my arm. I often feel tightness from my shoulder blade down the back of the arm. Do you have any videos for stretching that area? Thanks! I appreciate what I have learned from your channel.

Jesse Zarate says:

Thanks for your videos. they are very helpful. I have a limited range on my shoulder. I cant do abduction motion when my elbow is bent 90 degrees, I can do it with straight arm. What stretch or exercise would you recommend?

Ron StLouis says:

hello, nice videos. Stupidly I tired to do some bench pressing at the gym last night with a sore shoulder (in the upper arm/lower shoulder area). I didnt know my shoulder was sore until I was at the gym. Just now I tried doing exercise 2 External Rotation Stretch but it hurts. In another video you mentioned exercises for acute pain, is this the video?
thank you

Kalandora Timoty says:

thanks ,…+

shiv ani says:

nice video, i have frozen shoulder on left, i did the first few exercises (using a golif club), but now my right shoulder hurts because of overworking to lift the left one, are there any alternate exercises without involving my good shoulder

Leslie Herman says:

Love your video but you need to talk SLOWER. Also titles need to be moved sometimes because they block what your hands are doing.

Carmela Surban says:

Subscribed! Love your 🎥 Doc!

Emmanuelle ⟬⟭ says:

Those are nice stretches. Thanks so much.

Wendy F says:

I’m confused about what the difference is between 5 & 6.

fiona teague says:

How many times a day should we do these stretches? Thank you x

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