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Chest pain & shoulder pain can happen when people overwork their chest, and don’t work enough on their upper back. This can lead to a lot of problems including shoulder tightness, shoulder pain, and even numbness/tingling down the arms. Jack, from Healthy Gamer (, stopped by to get some shoulder pain and chest pain relief tips. See other great chest stretches and exercises:

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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Chest Pain & Shoulder Pain Relief :

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AskDoctorJo says:

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LifeLeen says:

Hi doc. I'm suffering from chest pain for almost a month now. I did an ECG , endoscopy, covid, utrasound, thyroid and sugar test. Except normal except that I have a cyst in my left ovary. The doctor said cyst cannot cause chest pain. Initially I thought it's acid reflux but it's not. I have pinching pain on the skin near my chest and the same sharp pinching pain in the upper back, upper abdomen and near the ribs. Today I'm going to a neurologist and will also do an echocardiogram. But I'm worried and I feel that I'll never get a cure for it. Do u know what can be the reason for the same. Can it be serious like cancer or something?

Sara Sara says:

Dr can pressure make the hear pain

yashas says:

I had acid reflux. And for so on i was lifting weights.. suddenly i got pain in chest .. give me suggestions to relieve pain

govind jithol says:

hello i have some question for you

sana says:

My age is 20.I have abdominal pain, and cheast and shoulder and hand pain since 2,3 months, lots of burping, nausea,head ache etc.. I have too much gastric prblm.. gastric prblm cause cheast pain and shoulder and hand pain??? Plzz rply mam😭

Sulman Khan says:

I performed upper chest workout during my 2nd rip of incline bench press i little move my hand towards right to balance rod the weight was heavy wo i slightly felt knock in my sholder after that i can't do this workout because of pain in sholder plz suggest me some medical treatment or exercise (note. I am still continuously doing my exercises except chest)

Surafel Ayele Mulat says:

Really helpfull. Thank you very much!

Siki Ali Kamboh says:

M also a student of physiotherapist plzzzz tell me about how I relief back pain after 2 overs in Cricket

TEDW092177 says:

Thanks for this! You are doing a good thing. My shoulder blades on my left side cant 'set' throughout an incline bench press so my left delts compensate and chest doesnt get the workout. Hoping this gets my shoulders on the right 'track'

Tom Thumb says:

Dr. Joe is the best.

Happy Music says:

Can i go for long walk in morning, i mean about 7-8 kilometres when i have cervical disc bulges pain? Will walking so long aggrevate the symptoms further in neck and arm? Reply please doc

97yawnac says:

Your videos make me hungry. Goin' to fix a sandwich!
Go Gamecocks!!

Lissie Walkin says:

Love the new series with the youtuber patients! plz do more! 🙂

Woodulous says:

Perfect for my clicking shoulder ! Thanks

Akmal Mehmood says:

Nice Doc please upload some about uric acid what problem it creates in human body thanks.

Vin diesel says:

This men is great nice …👍👍👍

nitin tanwar says:

is he dioganise my hemoglobin or my weakness caise is anemia

nitin tanwar says:

mam pls tell my today my doctor take blod test

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