Chair Fitness Aerobics Workout | Sit Dance Exercise Get Fit | Low Intensity | 30 Minutes

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Chair Fitness Aerobics Workout is a low impact seated exercise for people with limited mobility who need to be seated while they exercise. The intensity level for this workout is low. This is great for beginners, baby boomers, seniors and everyone else. The exercise moves consist of marches, step touches, some seated dance moves and seated abs. You will have so much fun that you will forget that you are exercising.

It is recommended that you 20 minutes of cardio daily and strength training at least one day a week but two days a week would be better with 48 hours of rest in-between each strength training segment. You can get more health and fitness tips by visiting my web site:


Mildred Blount says:

Love these wonderful action workout! A great job well done my brother God bless you always!

Cassandra Bell says:

Loved this workout!💪🏽❤️

Diane Oliver says:

My Saturday workout

Leslie Brazelton-Stith says:

Love the combination of dance and exercise! My mother will be 95 years young in two weeks. She loves working out with Coach Eugene! Thanks for making exercise fun!

Alice Harrison says:

I am sitting here with my back broke in three places, my right hand is broken with a cast on it. My left hand is almost completely useless. I turn 70 in July and I’m wondering how I will ever get into any kind of shape when the doctor tells me that I can start easing into exercise. I just did a search on you tube and I found you. I hope to be able to start doing something in a few weeks and I will be back. You might just be what saves my life. Your enthusiasm and joy are going to save me. In fact, just watching you is starting to help my attitude. Thank you sir for your enthusiasm and joy.

Cathy Leposa-Petraud says:

Yayyyyyy, this is just What I Need… Something I Can actually hope to manage! Thanksss ♥️♥️♥️

Eliza Currie says:

Thank you Coach Eugene 😃I love the workout! It was fun and effective!

Margaret Coughlin says:

I love your workouts! Unfortunately, I just can’t work out to them when there are 12-15 adds interrupting my workout… some of them several minutes long. I’ll try some of your others because they are the best on YouTube… just can’t take all the adds.

JuukezeBarbie says:

I used to get winded after 20 min. but I’m clinging on to the end lol happy 65th bday enjoy your special day joyfully Paul!!

Janet Gammon says:

Love this! I hit 65 five years ago! Wish I could find your music on the radio! Thanks for being an encourager!

Ma. Gina Surles says:

Whooo hooo ho!.

C Mitchell says:

Good full-body combo. Thirty minutes went by quickly. Switched up a few of the moves by making them tad more interesting. Always add some cha-cha-chas to the Mambo, quick feet with Jerk, alternate each V step to challenge the gray matter, etc. Thanks for another fun vid!

Latrice Byrd says:

Awesom, thank great alternative for those that are not that mobile. Thank you.

Clara Barnes says:

Lots of fun

Ellie Kate says:

Great workout, thanks Paul! You're an inspiration 🙂

SashaRed1 says:

YAY dance chair. Thanks Paul – you are a gem! Definitely, sometimes you just need to sit and get fit. 🙂

Darlene Francis says:

Loved the workout. Thank you.

Valerie Sison says:

Happy Birthday ,I'm coming up on my 53rd birthday

Live From the Ground! says:

GM — I'm doing this now because I work from home and my chair has been my friend. Happy Birthday and I crossed 57 in December (raising a teenager – smh) lol.

Avril Skeete says:

Since I'm already seated at my desk this morning I said 'why not' do this chair fitness exercise and so I did and enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you coach Paul.

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