5 MIN SHOULDER STRETCHES FOR FLEXIBILITY | Stretch Stiff Shoulders & Chest | No Equipment

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Here is a shoulder stretching routine for flexibility! This one will really help you stretch your stiff shoulders and chest! No equipment needed for this. You can do it everyday to see a difference in your posture and significant results!

It’s only 5 minutes 🙂 This is great for you if you lift heavy and you don’t usually stretch! You can do this after your upper body workouts, before going to bed or as soon as you wake up!

If you are always working from your desk and sitting all day, this stretching routine will be great for you. It will help you improve your posture and feel more relaxed when you are working! It’s a great stretch to relax your muscles!

If you’ve had injuries and you need to stretch everyday, this routine will really make it easy for you!

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DISCLAIMER: note that you should always consult your health physician before you perform any form of exercise, including this video. Furthermore, the title of this video is subjective and results vary depending on your body type and nutrition practices. I strongly suggest to make sure you check your form for each exercise with a certified trainer and you follow a meal plan to get to your weight loss goals. Perform this workout in a safe space. If you really want to challenge yourself and see results in 2 weeks make sure you are consistent and perform this workout 4-5 times per week over the next 2 weeks! Please remember that abs are also build in the kitchen and that you should be on a healthy balanced diet for ultimate results! You might build your abs but if there’s always a layer of fat from unhealthy habits, you might not see them!


The Frenchy Sexy says:

Quick and efficient !


God damn you are beautiful and helpful. God Bless ya!

David Parks says:

One of a kind;)

Shiri Scott says:

So good! After doing this for 30 days I got rid of the stiff right shoulder I'd had for several years! Thank you!

Bakayaroz says:

The downward dog was a killer 💦

Follower Of Duck says:

this is legitimately what i needed

Recycld says:

Since I’m a bit overweight these exercise videos have helped out alot, especially when I’m locked in my house.

Wojooud says:

Tysm I did it with u love it

KatyVonBzZz says:

Thank you, great as usual 💘

capei4one says:

More and longer stretching please !

Honey Bee says:

judging by your body the exercises you do. have a real effect 😍

Sadie Durham says:

Thank you xx take care 😘

Y.X.Y J says:


Sadie Durham says:

I am the work out later xx

Alina Shrestha says:

How do u know what we wanted for u😚😚!!

Cedric Regamey says:

Hello there. I enjoyed the content so much. I've been trying to research for YouTube video like yours that educates the ideas in this YouTube vid!Your vid for sure is like the channel of this smart health enthusiast Dr Ethan! Doctor Ethan's explanations are educational and he helped me on my midterms!

I suggest you check out his YouTube out and give the medical student a like over here! 👉 #DoctorEthan

Samus Lord says:

esta chica es increible ! she is amazing bro

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